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Advertising your business on Romseynet

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If you are a local business in the community and wish to have representation within these pages then a ONCE ONLY fee of a small, agreed amount is requested as a donation to any local charity of your personal choice. The amount of the donation depends on the size of the advertisement, maybe either a few descriptive lines or a whole page.

£20.00 for a small advert as on the BUSINESS PAGE OR ACCOMMODATION PAGE OR
£30.00 for a whole page or series of pages as for DRESS FANCY

If you would like your business to be represented on Romseynet and would like to discuss your advertisement do please send an email from here.
Or you can use the contact link on the left navigation column, available on all Romseynet pages.

Charities who have benefited thus far are as follows:

You can choose your own local charity - not necessarily one from the list above. There are some more listed here

Romseynet would be grateful for your help with the following:

  • The cheque be posted direct to the Webmaster. (Address given by email on request)
  • Please make the cheque in favour of your chosen charity, and write your address on the back so they can acknowledge your donation.
  • Please also advise of the correct postal address of your chosen charity.

An accompanying letter will be sent to the charity with your cheque in order to give reference to Romseynet for the transaction.

Thank you for your support.