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Put one in your fridge today
It could help save your life!

What is 'Message in a Bottle'?

This is a simple idea, designed to encourage people living on their own to keep their basic personal and medical details in a common location where they can be found in an emergency. There is no cost to the user. Costs are borne by the local Lions clubs and many generous sponsors.

How does the scheme work?

The personal and medical information is kept in a small plastic bottle, as on this picture. It is big enough to hold the necessary information. The bottle has a push fitting type of lid for ease of use. The bottle is then kept in the fridge, where the emergency services will expect to look for it in the event of being called to your home. Two labels are included to apply to your most used, outer door and the fridge door.

Bottles can be obtained from any of the following:
Health Centres
Doctors' sugeries
Also some other venues such as the Community Centre or local churches.


Some users have extended the use of the Message Bottle to provide emergency information in the event of an accident or illness away from home.

If you should choose to keep a bottle in the car please do the following:

  • Keep the bottle in the glove box
  • Apply one green cross label to the front of the glove box and the other to the top left hand corner of the windscreen.
  • Ensure that a photograph of the owner is attached to the form - to allow the emergency services to positively identify the person to whom the information refers.


To complete the form:

  • Your full name and brief physical description
  • Name of your GP with surgery address and telephone number
  • Brief description of any medical conditions that apply to you.
  • Names and contact details of two people who are in agreement to be contacted in the event of your illness or accident.
  • Details of any pets that may be on the premises, or with you, who would need to be cared for if you were taken ill.

In addition it is strongly recommended that you include your repeat prescription list.This would be of great value to the emergency Paramedics who are able to administer drugs, who need to know what you are already taking in order to eliminate the risk of drug interaction.

The form also has space for a passport-size photograph, but this is only necessary to aid identification, when there is more than one person living on the premises.


If you have a specific medical condition and routinely wear either a Medic Alert necklace or bracelet, or similar items like an SOS Talisman, you should continue to wear them, as the Message in a Bottle is not intended as a replacement for these, but as an extra means of providing information in emergency circumstances.


When you need the emergency services you need them quickly so a few minutes delay in getting to you may make the difference between life or death.
In order to make things easier for the services please check the following on your premises:

  • All premises should display a house name or number or both.
  • This should be displayed as near to the road as possible.
  • They should be large enough to be seen
  • The name and number should contrast with the background - white on black or black on white is ideal.
  • If you have called for assistance, if possible, please have someone keep a lookout - a person waving is easier to spot than an house number.

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