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Welcome to your local Circle of Support for people with diabetes.

This website is developing and changing constantly as new information becomes available so do visit regularly to see the changes and additions

It includes information, checklists and interesting recipes gathered by local people in the group.

It also has links to other websites of interest.

Feedback is always welcome and you can make contact with group members by telephone or from the link on this website.

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      Someone is always available to talk about your concerns or just to listen. See the contacts page for addresses.
      Membership is open to anyone with Diabetes, and also to partners and carers of people with Diabetes, for information, support and networking.

The Navigation pages:

An introduction to your local diabetes support group

Diabetes Aware has developed checklists of information that may help you manage your diabetes. They are a guideline only and not everything will apply to everyone. Obtain from the group, at the meetings or download from the website

A range of information about Diabetes, Neuropathy Types, Hypoglycaemia, Diabetes and diet, Food labels etc is included in this website. You may also find it useful to purchase a copy of ‘Diabetes for Beginners' from Diabetes UK, as this covers all the issues in more detail. (Copies available at Diabetes Aware meetings)
N.B. All the information sheets and checklists can be downloaded in pdf for printing - please find them all on the checklists page.

Information about a suitable diet, food portions and food labelling.

Recipes for people with diabetes that are fun, interesting, and include puddings! Also included here are web links to other useful/interesting sites.

Contacts and website links to additional diabetic information are given here for you to browse

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