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27 December 1999
Graham Down

G'Day, I'm researching the name Brownjohn and found your website on the Internet. My Brownjohn ancestors came from Romsey. Are there any Brownjohn's still there that might like to contact me? Thanks, Graham Down, Melbourne Australia


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United States

11 May 1999
Tom Eastman

Greetings from Auburn, California...My wife and I are planning a trip to Romsey in September 1999. My family ancestry has been traced back to Roger Eastman. He left Romsey in 1635 for America. I am interested if there is any Eastmans living in Romsey at this time. I am starting to research this for our trip. I enjoyed your website Tom, Annette Eastman


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United States

Linda Emery Burton

Information sought regarding Emery family history: I am searching for any family information of John and Anthony Emery who sailed from Southampton in 1635 to America. Are there any Emerys still living in Romsey? Do you know if there is an Emery Coat of Arms?Any information that you can provide for me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Linda Emery Burton


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United Kingdom

16 March 1997
Martin Smith

Can anyone shed any more light on the following extraordinary family history? - Subject: Fattest man in England - Henry Floyd - Romsey

I have just started researching my family tree and have come across my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Henry Floyd. He was a resident of Romsey born 1795 died 1842 and was reputed to be the Fattest man in England in his time. The following is thought to be copied from a local paper when he died. His portrait was supposed to hang in a his favorite Romsey Pub. Has anyone any knowledge of Henry?
Quote from paper: "Henry Floyd died Aged 47 in Romsey Hampshire following a short illness. He was well known for his having in the last few years attained such an enormous bulk as to become an object of curiosity and astonishment. Although his weight exceeded 32 stone, he rode about in his own trap with apparent ease. He attended to his business and was a constant attendant at church (where a pew had been made purposely for him) until the week of his death. The corpse was removed from his house on Friday last, a large opening having been made in the wall below the bedroom window, so as to let out the coffin, which was an immense size, slide down some planks with ropes. It was conveyed to the grave on a truck drawn by a number of men, followed by family and friends and it is supposed that there were about 2,000 people at his funeral. So much time was necessarily employed in removing his body from the house that the Turnpike Road was completely blocked up and the 'Rocket' coach and other vehicles were obliged to go up a back lane. The deceased was nearly 6ft. in height and well formed. His coffin was 7ft. long which, with the shell contained nearly 200ft. of 1ft boarding. It was 3ft 2in wide and 2ft 6in deep. The deceased was, there can be no doubt, the heaviest man in England. It was a heavy family. His wife weighed 218lbs: Daughter Mrs. Powell 206lbs; Daughter Mrs. Hawkes 173lbs. Total family weight over 1040lbs." Regards Martin Smith


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United States

Patricia Dunha or

Call for help: If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. I am looking for my father. He met my mother in Romsey, England around 1950. They had me in 1951. His name was Ted Monker. My mother's name was Ruby Rose Elcock and she lived on Love Lane. I believe he may have been Scottish. My mother was married at the time to William C. Rheem. I am looking for any living relatives of his or my mother that could help. I am interested due to medical reasons and to see if I have any brothers or sisters. My mother travelled on the Queen Elizabeth to the United States with my brother John and sister Janet in 1952 or 53. I recently found out about my father after my mother died. I am 47 years old, I live in Harrisburg, PA.


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United Kingdom

Denise Barnes

I am currently researching my family tree the name being Ninnim. I have contacted quite a few over the years, but I am searching for a picture of Frederick Charles Seymour Ninnim who once worked on Red Lodge Farm Southampton, now demolished and somewhere under the Sports Centre. Can anyone help me. Thank you.


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United Kingdom

Marc Thompson

I am currently researching my family history and in particular the Puckett family who lived in Romsey during the 19th/early 20th century. My great grandparents were Elizabeth 'Bessie' Puckett (nee Prestoe) and Joseph Edwin Puckett who lived with their ten children in Banning Street, Newton Lane and Middlebridge Street during this period. If anyone has any information or relationship to the family I would be interested in hearing from you.


Flag Canada


Hi, I'm a Timbury in Canada, I'm wondering are there families of the name Timbury in this region. Cheers, Wayne Timbury 555 Heather Cresc Kingston NS Canada


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