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Coleman / Fisher

UK flag
United Kingdom

25 February 2011
John Steinmetz:

I'm trying to locate any records relating to Sarah and William Coleman, born in Romsey in, approximately, 1802 and 1811 respectively. They both moved to Abbott's Ann thereafter, but I am trying to locate them prior to 1820, when Sarah married William Fisher in Abbotts Ann.
In particular I am looking for the parent's names, so if anyone has any thoughts or can point me in the right direction, please tell me - I've been looking for nearly twenty years and only found William today, as godfather to Sarah's child Thomas - my great great grandfather.

I can only suggest you try the Hampshire Archives (link above) if you haven't already done so. Maybe there is some information in Abbotts Ann where the Fisher family might have been christened or indeed married if they lived in the area long enough.
Sorry it isn't very helpful so maybe someone else reading here will have some leads for you.


USA flag
United States

24 May 2011
April Leigh Knight:

My family (KNIGHT) emigrated from Romsey in 1635 for America. I believe there were two brothers; one being William Knight. I would imagine that there were members of the family that stayed behind in England.
I found your website by chance and thought that you might have information on our family. If you could look into it for me I would be most grateful.

Did you see the entry for "Knight" on the 2006 and 2007 genealogy pages? The enquiry in both cases was for a Richard Knight born in 1604 which may or not be one of the brothers you are looking for. There is some detail there about his place of birth.
The best I can advise is much the same as to those enquirers - look at the Hampshire Archives who keep parish details which include births/deaths and marriages. The links to those places are in the 2006 Knight enquiry or at the top of every genealogy page.
Although those emails came some years ago it might also be worth trying to contact with the people who could have already found out some further details about your family and they might also be glad to talk to you as a possible relation!


US flag
United States

29 January 2011
John Marciano:

I noticed in your genealogy enquiries from 2001-2004, you had someone ask about George Martin and you tried to contact them unsuccessfully.
Do you have information on that family? I too am looking for information on George Martin's family.
Any information would be greatly appreciated

No, I had no reply at all from that enquirer.
Have you enquired from the Hampshire Archives? They keep parish records and should have local births recorded somewhere. Maybe the child was Baptised in one of the local churches so that would be recorded.

I assume you have looked at the BMD index for that year because that might give more details of the place of birth other than just the town. There must be some reference in order for the previous enquirer to know George Martin's movements. Amesbury and Salisbury are in the neigbouring county of Wiltshire so not too far from Romsey. Essex is an Eastern County quite a distance away - unless he meant an Essex in Massachusetts? 1618 is a long way back in time and records were not so good then and often incorrect


UK flag
United Kingdom

02 February 2011
Andy Willis:

I'm hoping you may be able to help me. I have been researching my family tree which contains members of the Munday and Gritt families, from Romsey. I established with reference to this link that my grt-grt-grt-grandparents Josiah and Eliza Munday used to run the Delve Inn in the late 1800s. The 1891 census lists them as living in the Beer shop Mill Lane, and the 1901 census lists them at no. 32 Mill Lane. Can you tell me where the Delve Inn was located? Would that have been in Mill Lane too?

Reading the wording that refers to the Delve Inn (See below) - because the Chilcott family, in 1860/61, moved with their families to the Fordingbridge area, the pub might have been there rather than in Romsey. They must have moved to Romsey later in the 1800s.
I will make some further enquiries from the local History group here in Romsey, but you may need to investigate older public houses around Fordingbridge - Google does not find anything of that name, but there are plenty pubs there and the name might have changed over the years. A bit of a headache to find perhaps!

"John's sons James Ingram Chilcott and Henry Chilcott also worked in the flax mill until they moved with their families to Fordingbridge in1860/1861 and continued working in a flax mill there. John's daughter Esther married Josiah Munday and eventually they ran the Delve Inn".

Reply 2:
I have some information for you from the local history group - it will save you a bit of searching! NB: The book mentioned is obtainable from the history group - see LTVAS web pages

"Taking the earlier link with the flax/hemp mill, the Chilcotts must have been working for Samuel Thompson (who was already a flax miller before he expanded into the Romsey business). This was situated at the end of Abbey Water before the corn mill (burnt down in 1920s) was relocated there. There had been an earlier mill for flax and hemp at the beginning of the 1800s under William Lintott, but this had failed by 1832 when it was up for sale. There may have been a hiatus before Samuel Thompson took over but he was there by 1842. This mill lasted until the mid-1860s, when Thompson withdrew to his first mill at East Mill, Fordingbridge. The Chilcotts presumably went there.
(NB: There had been a corn mill at the end of Abbey Water since at least 1551 but over time occupied three slightly different sites.)

Regarding the pub, Esther Chilcott as the wife of Josiah Munday obviously stayed in Romsey. Josiah is linked with the Delve Inn with mentions in 1880, 1885, 1890 and 1898. There was only one subsequent publican after him before it closed in 1911. I attach a quote about the Delve from our LTVAS book "So Drunk he must have been to Romsey".

Delve Inn, 42 Mill Lane
"This house was on the west corner of Church Lane and Mill Lane. It shared its name with Delve Place, the row of cottages to the south within Church Lane, and links back to an old field name.
The Delve had been merely a beer house in 1855, but appears to have had a full licence when it closed in 1911. By then, it belonged to Strong & Co. Ltd and was closed because it was so near the Thatched Cottage and the Star, which were also Strong's houses. It seems probable that the name Delve Hotel was a sarcastic local name for a modest drinking establishment.
There were two bars, the Saloon and the Bar. The Saloon was entered from Church Lane and was intended for ladies. To obtain a drink they went up four steps and knocked on a connecting trap door.......... The building is now a private property."

There is a map of the town at the link below - find Church Lane and Mill Lane just to the North of the Abbey. Town Map


UK flag
United Kingdom

08 June 2011
Paul Stickler:

I have seen a number of entries relating to the Railway View Inn, Romsey and people either trying to find it or find out more about who lived and worked there. I live at the property and have started compiling a history of events. I have a number of photos but more importantly I have been told by neighbours that a number of people have walked past recently saying that they were born here. I'd love to here from those people so that they may fill in some of the gaps.

If I might suggest, since you say a number of people have walked by who stated they were born at your home, it might be worth putting a comment in the Romsey Advertiser? These people may of course have just been visitors to the town, but if still Romsey residents they might well look at the local paper.
Have you been in touch with LTVAS? They too might be interested in your findings.


UK flag
United Kingdom

08 June 2011
Iris Isham:

I was evacuated during the second world war to Romsey, staying with a Mr and Mrs Reeve and their daughter Marie. This probably would have been in around 1941. I would love to know if Marie is still alive, she would have been born around 1927. I think they lived in station road in a detached house. Does anyone remember them?

I have given you contact details of a person with the name M. Reeve stilll living in Romsey. If the daughter didn't marry she would still have the same surname and she might have moved within the town. Or you could write and ask rather than a direct telephone confrontation or if you are not resident in the UK. She must be around 84 years and might not be too keen on a stranger making contact all assuming she is still alive


AUS flag

01 January 2011
Tony Warwick:

I was wondering if you could direct me to someone who could answer the following question:
I have a marriage certificate that states the bridegroom worked as a domestic footman and it notes his address as Roke Manor Romsey (in 1935). Was this a real manor and would this have been the place of his employment?
I can only find an engineering firm called ROKE MANOR RESEARCH on the internet, but one reference implies the buildings were once manor houses.

I attach a PDF giving details about Roke Manor and its history, so I do hope you find the name of the person you were looking for.
The author, Anthony Raper, has kindly given me permission to display the PDF here. Roke Manor History



24 August 2011
Andrew Evans:

My great great grandfather was William Summers who married Charlotte Willis. I believe he was first headmaster of Osborne House School and that my g.grandmother Phedora Willis Summers was born there and a teacher until her marriage to George Harding. Phedora and George and their first 6 children emigrated to Queensland Australia in 1880 and my grandmother was born here.
I have a photo of William Summers and another of Charlotte Willis and her mother Mary Doling. I would love to hear of any further information you may have and if there are any Willis / Summers / Doling still in the Romsey area. There are several hundred of their descendants in Australia these days

This is a copy of information I received from the Local History Group, following an earlier enquiry about Osborne House.
"Osborne House School, established in Church Street c1850s by John Frederick Osborne, who, as well as being a headmaster, was also a councillor and was mayor of Romsey in 1877.
Osborne House stood on the site of present-day Abbey Walk, and LTVAS has several photographs of it as well as copies/abstracts of some school records. Osborne family members are buried in the Botley Road cemetery near the Non-conformist chapel. There was a gap in the school's history after the death of Mr Osborne at the end of the 19th century. And then c1904 (I think) it re-opened under the same name with a new owner/head called Mr Summers. He died during the war and the school as a private institution closed although the building was then used by HCC as a sort of overflow for council schools + centre for school dinners. It was pulled down in the 1960s to make way for new buildings"

In the Romsey Telephone directory: There are no Summers listed for Romsey, 3 under the name of Willis - one living in the town centre and one with the name Doling. However because of the data protection I feel unable to give you the addresses of these people for you to investigate personally. Its a long time ago since your family was here and the chances of a 'hit' are rather small, particularly as people move about more now.


Flag Argentina

01 October 2011
Daniela Varela:

Hello, my name is Daniela, I'm writing you from Argentina and I'm doing a research from my ancestors who lived in Romsey.
I'd like to know if you have the records of the churchs in Romsey in 1730 because I'm trying to find some information about WILLIAM VINCENT born in that year. I'd like to contact any record office or chuch to find out more details about his parents and himself. Many thank in advance for your help

You need to contact the Record Office, that is the Hampshire archives and the General Registry Office - both links at the top of my genealogy page. Both should have records for the year you require and other details to fit the description of your relative.



03 May 2011
Kip Corriveau:

My Ancestor, George or George Thomas Waite was listed (on his death record) as being from Romsey, Hampshire.
He was born in 1776. He emigrated to Prince Edward Island in around 1808.
I'm looking for his baptismal record or any info about his parents

Sorry I am not able to personally advise how you can obtain the information you are looking for, but I assume you have tried the Hampshire Archives? (Link at the top of the genealogy page) They keep all records of births etc and should be able to search for your relative.



09 April 2011
Ann Warren:

In a reply to Patricia Warren (on genealogy 2008 page) which I have just come across, (I do correspond with her and she is related) the reply states that John Warren with his brother Thomas Warren set up the breakaway church in Romsey in 1662.
There is no paper evidence that these two men were brothers. It has been assumed as I was told many many years ago by the lady who wrote the History of Romsey Abbey - her name escapes me at the minute. Her only evidence was that the two men had named their children with similar names - but all of these were common names at the time. There is no proof of a blood relationship, I only wish there was.
Thomas did not name John in his will but he did name Clement Warren who was the Estate Manager for the St. Barbe family. Both Thomas and Clement Warren are interred inside the Abbey, but over the years since 1980s I have not been able to discover the whereabouts of John, although both of his wives are in the Burial Register. There has never been any assumption that Clement was also blood related. Clement was also a Burgher of the town of Romsey and when I told the above lady she disputed this - the information is in Winchester Records Office where I found it.
How do I know this - well I have been researching the Warren family for over 25 years and my husband is a direct descendent of Rev John. (Intruder) as is Patricia Warren.
I do hope in future that the correct information is given re these two men and not assumptions which can lead genealogists down the wrong path.

Yes, Ann Warren is correct, and it was a silly slip to make. It was once assumed that the two Warrens were brothers as they worked so closely, but there is nothing really to confirm that. It does seem possible that there may have been some family link but what it may have been has not been discovered. It's fascinating to know that the family has been studied so well, and we would welcome anything further about the Romsey Warrens. My apologies for perpetuating a mistake. Regards Barbara, LTVAS Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group.


UK flag
United Kingdom

19 June 2011
Gary Brown:

I am researching a family tree. I find that one of my gg Grandfathers was one William Wingham born in 1819 at Romsey, Hampshire. He died in 1902 in Burnley, Lancashire having at some stage moved to Padiham, Nr Burnley, Lancashire. I ask if anyone would be kind enough to look up the name or put me in the right direction to continue this line of enquiry. Appreciated. Regards, Gary

You should really try the Hampshire Archives. Their address on all my genealogy pages. They keep all the local births and deaths registers so could give you the details you are looking for. Hoping others might recognise the name.


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