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US flag
United States

22 January 2001
John Walsh

Hey cuz? Is there one out there? I am researching the English roots of my family tree. My G. G. Grandfather John Atwood was a lawyer in Romsey. His daughter Frances Atwood married James Anderson, after his death she emigrated to Boston Massachusetts US in 1889 with her daughter Ellen who is my grandmother. Thank you, John


UK flag
United Kingdom

03 March 2003
Dorothy Wells

Romseynet have helped me find my gran aged nine years any other Edmunds descendants like to get in touch particularly from the Greatbridge Road area. There was a house by the railway arch where a Daisy, nee Edmunds and Tom ? surname cannot remember


US flag
United States

29 March 2001
Suzi Smith

I am looking for information about father of Thomas Smith. Also, information about Thomas.Thomas supposedly came to America in 1635 on the "James of London" ship to Boston, then Ipswich and then to Newbury Massachusetts. Also, I have a handwritten note regarding St. Mary's Abbey from my husband's grandfather. Does anyone know if it is still standing and/or information about it? Please e-mail me Thanks


UK flag
United Kingdom

17 October 2004 - Email:

My grandmother's maiden name was Emery, she has a family tree dating back years. She also has the Emery coat of arms and it also states that Emerys from Romsey moved to America.
If you want to contact me any further you can on 02392 780552 or 07747 812293
Thank you, Johanne Martin

Do let me know if you receive any help. The original enquiries were in 1999 and 2000 so it may be a bit late, but its worth the try! Good luck!


AUS flag

22 February 2001
Carol Yvonne Footner

Hello, Could you please place this on your forum. I am researching the Footner family and have got back to James Footner who married Jane Bowler 1785.  They had 9 children. Are there any Footner's left there? I would love to hear from you. Carol Footner


UK flag
United Kingdom

17 June 2003
Liz Cordingley

Hi Ann, Not sure if I have the correct person to talk to but here goes. I have just spent 2 days in the New Forest researching my family tree. My first visit was to Romsey where I wanted to take some photos of houses that I new my family lived in. Unfortunately most of them had been pulled down and rebuilt or are in the process of rebuilding. Is there anywhere that I could find out more about the old address that I have and who lived in them. The surname I am researching is Fry and the addresses are as follows:
1 Narrow Lane - 13 Mill Lane
23 Newton Lane - 16 Love Lane
48, 66, 47 Middlebridge Street
Latimer Street. (no number)
All are very close to each other.
I also found whilst in the library that a Sarah and Betty Fry took in boarders in Middlebridge St. and wondered if they would be for the school. They are entered in the trade directory for 1852 and 1855. I live in Chatham Kent, so I am unable to come to any meetings which is a shame as I think they would be quite interesting. Hope to hear from you soon Liz

Hello Liz, Sorry you didn't find much help with your family tree here in Romsey. We are also unable to help other than to advise you write to the Lower Test Valley Archaeology Society at LTVAS, Town Hall, Market Place, Romsey SO51 8YZ. Although I must point out they are a small voluntary group and very busy so a reply might not be forthcoming too soon. The Library is the only other source of information and you have already visited there. Have you tried the Census website at: ?
Hope that gives you some help. Please let us know if you do make some worthwhile progress.


Flag Canada

08 October 2004
Bess Gilleott
British Columbia

Looking for relatives but also with the name WATERMAN - see the details in 'W' below


UK flag
United Kingdom

01 February 2001
Patricia Saines

I am tracing my paternal grandfather's line - his grandmother, Harriett Harding was born in Romsey in 1820, daughter of Thomas and Catherine Harding (Thomas also born in Romsey). Harriett married John Stockbridge at St Marys Southampton in 1844. Do any of the above names/families ring any bells? If so, please contact me on email. Many thanks - Patricia Saines


UK flag
United Kingdom

24 September 2004
Joan nee Hewlett
01403 263452

Can you help trace my lost relatives? Having spent some time looking, the trail has now gone cold. The following relatives were probably born or are now living in the Romsey local area:
Doreen Daphne Hewlett (01.08.1925)
Hazel Patricia Hewlett (06.02.1927)
Eric Raymond Hewlett (around 1928)
The two girls were fostered when very young by a Mrs Peddle of Broughton.

If you have any information please contact me on the phone number above - Thank you

This is a copy of the letter sent by Joan to the local newspaper, The Romsey Advertiser - not by email to Romseynet. The surname or address are not included for privacy reasons


US flag
United States

21 February 2001
Sandy Snide

Hi Bill, My name is Sandy Holt Snide and I live in Maine, USA. I am trying to help my cousin do our family tree, which began in Romsey. So far we have traced it back to Nicholas Holt, b 10/19/1602 in Romsey. We believe he was a brother to Sir Thomas Holt of Aston Hall, Birmingham, England. If anyone has any information on them (especially their parents, etc), it would be greatly appreciated if they would e-mail it to us. Wish I could come to Romsey personally, but that is impossible. Bill, thanks for this site!! Have a wonderful day!! And please everyone, visit my website, MAINE - The Way I See It at for a photographic visit to my state. Sandy


US flag
United States

24 March 2001
Russell Judd

I am interested in tracing the antecedents and siblings of Francis Edmund Judd, Sr. died 1870 in West Wellow. His son, FEJ, Jr. emmigrated to Canada in 1875. I will be visiting in West Wellow April 9th and would also be interested in meeting any descendents of FEJ, Sr. or his siblings, as well as any members of the Moody family. Please email me. Thank you. Russell Judd


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UK flag
United Kingdom

19 February 2004
Tommy Allen
Mobile: 07944 083477

Hi, my name is Tommy Allen and I'm at present researching my family ancestors.
I would love to chat with anyone who knows anything about any of the people below?
I would also like to find any of the children who went on and got married? (with the girls the LEGG part of the name would change) They still could have family living in Romsey today???
Lastly I really would like to know what Romsey was like for my ancestors (Mainstone and Middlebridge Street)

We've gone back to Romsey - beginning of the eighteen hundreds when: Arthur LEGG born around 1800 in Eling he married on 12/9/1830 Sarah STONE born around 1807 in Romsey. On the 1851 Census they lived Romsey Extra No 22

Children on the 1851 Census - *Arthur Legg II,* age 19 - Sarah Legg, II - age 14 - Elizabeth Legg, age 10 - Emily Legg, age 7 - Joseph Legg, age 4.

We then follow on with *Arthur LEGG II* born Romsey 1831 he married in 1853 (Romsey) Mary Ann CLARK born 1833 Romsey. On his daughter's birth certificate in 1859 they lived Mainstone Romsey *Arthur II* was a Farm Labourer. On the 1881 Census they lived: 134 Middlebridge Street. On the 1891 Census they lived: 125 Middlebridge Street. On the 1901 Census they lived 68 Middlebridge Street. *Arthur II* age 70 Profession: Jobbing Gardener

Childern on the 1881 Census - Edward Legg, age 18 - Agnes Legg, age 9 - Joseph Legg, age 5 - Amy Legg, age 3.

Sarah Legg III, was not shown on the census she was born 1889 and the first child. Sarah Legg III went on to marry Charles Allen from London. They had a Son Charles E. Allen born Devonport Barracks 1874. The two daughters in Winchester, Hannah Marion Allen 1876 and Ethel Alicia Allen 1879 in Winchester. Then Beatrice Allen born around 1884 Highgate, London and lastly TomLlionel Allen born 1886 Highgate, London.


US flag
United States

16 March 2001
Bob Kimmel

Hello. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. I am looking for information about my grandmother's family. My grandmother was born Mary Elizabeth Luffman on June 4th, 1901 in Romsey. She met and married an American soldier named Charles Watt, in England during World War One. Grandma came to the USA around 1917. I believe her mother's maiden name was Wilshire. I know she had brothers and sisters but I don't know their names. Does anyone in Romsey know of my grandmother's Luffman family? Thank you. Bob Kimmel, 2467 Almaden Blvd. Union City CA 94587-1861 USA


US flag
United States

04 July 2004
Cris Cannon

Seeking family of George MARTIN was born in 1618 in Romsey, Hampshire, England. Migrated to Amesbury/Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Any information would be much appreciated. Willing to share info from this side of Atlantic. Many thanks

I have tried to send you an email reply, but it keeps being returned as 'unknown'. I note that on its return the address upper case letters are altered to lower case. Editor


UK flag
United Kingdom

25 July 2003
Mr. K. S. Phillips

Dear Ann - While researching my family history it has come to light that my Great Grandfather used to work for Strongs Brewery. His job was transporting the beer on horse drawn carts. What I need is to be able to locate any person or persons who has a history of this Brewery with old photographs etc of the era of 1880,s and onwards. Hoping you may be able to help in this matter
Yours sincerely, Mr. K.S. Phillips


Many thanks for your email and for finding the time to investigate on my behalf. What I am going to do is attend one of the meetings of the History Club at the Town Hall in Romsey once again a very big thank you for all your help.

Dear Mr Phillips, Below is the advice from Phoebe Merrick of the Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group.
"Hampshire Record Office has a lot of old papers about the brewery. They are not properly catalogued as yet, but are there. For general enquiries, I usually recommend people come and see us at LTVAS Group if they can on Monday mornings 10-12 or Tuesday evenings from 7.30 pm. We meet in the Town Hall basement. For background there is Strong's own history 'Of Personalities and Progress' and our own book 'So Drunk He Must Have Been to Romsey'."

See: LTVAS website
Hampshire Record Office
Romsey Library
Hope you get some help from these.


Flag New Zealand
New Zealand

09 January 2001
Allan K Pope

Re: Horace Kelway POPE and Alice Mary Foot POPE his wife. I am researching my family tree and have discovered that this couple who are my great grandfather and grandmother moved to Romsey after 1922 from Southampton, presumably to retire. He had been a solicitor with Coxwell & Pope in Southampton at least until 1903. Horace was buried on 6 December 1926 aged 74. The burial was performed by G S R Dale. Horace was living at Sycamore House, Romsey at the time. Can any one help me with more information regarding Alice whose death is unknown - the address and where Horace was buried? I would appreciate you posting this request on your noticeboard. Thank you for your assistance.
Allan K Pope 11 Clay St Motueka 7161 NEW ZEALAND Phone: +064 3 528 7527


US flag
United States

19 February 2001
Arthur Richards

Seeking ANY information on a RICHARDS family consisting of 1.Albert Willie George, 2.Victor L. 3.Charles, 4.Mabel 5.Sybil. Parents names unknown. (Mother may have been Matilda) Believed to have come from Romsey. Especially two sons of Victor L. who died at or near birth. Please keep your eyes open while looking at Gravestones !! Respectfully Arthur E. Richards (USA)


UK flag
United Kingdom

06 March 2001
Ian Shepherd

The people below are my ancestors. I would be delighted to hear from any other connections. There were several other Shepherd families, one in Banning Street, but not obviously connected. Regards Ian Shepherd.
Sarah Shepherd b 1795 - John Mason Shepherd m Elizabeth Blanchard 1844 - John Mason Shepherd m Fanny Iremonger 1848. Romsey Census Results - 1841 Sarah Shepherd (46) - 1851 John Mason Shepherd (26) + Fanny(Iremonger) + George, Sarah 199 Banning St. - 1861 John Mason Shepherd + Fanny(Iremonger) + Sarah, Samuel, William, Elizabeth 120 Banning St. 1871 at 7 Corn Market 1881 at 3 Middlebridge St. 1871 George Shepherd + Mary (Rogers) +3 West Wellow 1881 at Cupernham with 10 children.


Flag Spain

16 February 2001
Maria Luisa Schillings

I am looking for Mrs Bengi Turner and her son Harvey Turner. They live in Longacres-Whirenap, Romsey. They are my only relationship of my grandmother Nellie Schilling. I want to know of them. If somebody to know them, please, write to me. Maria Luisa Schilling Best regards.


Flag Canada

08 October 2004
Bess Gilloett

Hello, I'm writing from British Columbia, Canada, and I'm hoping that you may be able to help me. I've been tracing my family Gillett (Gillit, etc.) in Newfoundland going back to the very early l700s. Richard Gillit was the constable in Trinity, Nfld. and Richard Waterman was the Justice of the Peace for Trinity, both listed in 1730-32. There was a large "Waterman Plantation" located in Trinity (this is a fishingroom which employed 2 English servants (employees) 11 Irish and 2 boat-keepers. For a long time those of us who have been seaching our Gillett and Waterman roots believed that the fishingroom was owned by Richard Waterman, but from seaching on the internet, we are beginning to believe that Richard Waterman was sent over by a relative to take care of the Waterman interests in Nfld. and Richard Gillit was also so employed.

We have discovered there was a large property owned in Holdenhurst that was owned by the Waterman family who were involved in the Nfld. cod industry. I have found a reference to a William Morris, mariner, 1757, b. in Christchurch who at age 11 was an apprentice to James Waterman, and Mr. Morris served 5 1/2 years in Newfoundland.

I've have tried every combination on words searching the internet to see who could possibly be the the original Mr. Waterman who could have financed a Plantation, and as most of the surnames I'm looking for are listed in Eling and Sopley, I thought I would try Peerage. Listed was a William Waterman de Viliers, Romsey, Hampshire and then it has Eling, a parish in the hundred of Redbridge, Romsey division of the county of Hants. So I'm hoping that you may be able to point me in the right direction, could it possibly be Mr. William Waterman who could have had an interest in the Nfld. cod fisheries? Or is it possible (fingers crossed) that you may be able to tell me the first name of the Waterman who managed to buy large holdings in Holdenhurst from the cod industry. I have managed to find quite a few Watermans and Gilletts on the Hampshire records, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on any Hampshire natives who left to reside in Nfld. I thank you for your time, sincerely, Bess Gilloett, Williams Lake, B.C., Canada

Hello Bess - this is the reply from Phoebe Merrick from Romsey Local Archaeological Study Group

"Romsey is inland from Totton and Eling and has a very different population and economy. Thus people who lived in the Totton area are not interchangeable with those of Romsey. The two places were, briefly, associated for administrative reasons, but this was rather artificial. Mrs Gilleott might try Southampton archives. I am assuming she has already searched a2a (access to archives) with the surnames that she is seeking. They might have something. Sadly I cannot help. Walter George Waterman was mayor of Romsey in 1965 and 1966. I do not know whether he has any descendants nor whether he might be a branch of the family that is being sought. Sorry not to know more. Phoebe Merrick"


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