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AUS flag

21 May 2006

One of my (long ago!) relatives died at 18 The Abbey, 30 March 1899. Could you please tell me if this was a house or hospital. His name was John Stone BECK and he was a retired draper. I have no idea how long he lived in Romsey - maybe he was just on holiday! Fingers crossed that you can help, Angie in West Australia

Below is all we can find about 18 The Abbey, the information is from the local Historical group who are very knowledgeable about Romsey.
"I'm afraid we've nothing very helpful on 18 The Abbey. The area where we might expect that number to be would seem to be among the property already owned by La Sagesse Convent. Whether they provided any accommodation for older people we don't know. In those days the convent had just set up as an orphanage for boys."
I wonder if you have sent for the death certificate it might give the name of a relative if in fact he lived in the town? Or perhaps looked where he is buried - might depend on his religion but the churches are listed on Romseynet, so you could apply to any of them to see if their records go back that far.


UK flag
United Kingdom

12 September 2006
Paul Browning:

Does anyone have any information on James Browning from Hursley? There is a reference to him as serving during the battle of Trafalgar. I have a date of birth which does not quite match up. Any information on this BROWNING family would be most useful.
Local information: I understand that our family BROWNING, may have owned the Strong's Brewery based in Romsey. I would be most grateful if anyone has any information on the owners or the history of the brewery which may be of use.

I will put your genealogy enquiry on the 2006 page to see if anyone looking there can offer some information.
Regarding the brewery: I am forwarding your query to a member of LTVAS website who may be able to advise more about the brewery.


Flag Canada

21 May 2006

I am interested in any of the Bulpitt families from Romsey.
My 3xgreat grandfather James Bulpitt married an Elizabeth? and they came from Cupernham area Romsey Extra. They had William, Charles, John, Elisabeth, Henry, Stephen, Jane, Sarah, Mary Jane, and Eliza.
Charles 2x great grandfather married Elizabeth Grayer from Cupernham and they had William, Martha, Charles, George, James, William, Charlotte and Harry (my grandfather).
All I know is that Elisabeth married a Joseph Harris in 1837, Charles married Elizabeth Grayer in 1838, Mary Jane married a Henry Chant in 1848, and Sarah married a Charles Cuell in 1848. All of Romsey.
According to the 1841 census, James and Elizabeth lived at Torronto? Cottage in Woodley and Charles and Elizabeth were living at Winchester Street Cupernham.
Would like to find a marriage certificate for James and Elizabeth early 1800's and a birth for Charles probably around 1811-1813.
Joan B.C. Canada

Below is a link to the local churches in Romseynet where perhaps you can contact each one to ask if they have any of your family names in their record books, or perhaps of the people buried in their respective churchyards, which might also be of some help, particularly as your family cover several generations all in one town. St Swithuns C/E church, Crampmoor is the nearest to Woodley, and many people use The Abbey for their marital/birth events from all over the local area.
I understand some towns have started a database of graveyard details but as yet it is a new thing and Romsey is not one of the participating towns. The Abbey does have a graveyard but I do not think it is used now but your ancestors might well be there.

There are about 20 Bulpitts listed in the telephone directory and only one in Romsey and as might be expected not at the address you mention. But all the Bulpitts listed are round about the area - Southampton etc, I have sent you a scan of the appropriate page in the directory.
You could try the local record office, address also below, they might know of other places to look for details.
Romseynet Churches
Hampshire Record Office

Reply from LTVAS:
Bulpitt as a name rings a faint bell but it's not one of the more prominently recorded families. The burial ground on the north garth (at the Abbey) was levelled c1948-9 and many of the large flat headstones used to make a path to the cross in the middle. The stones have worn and are very difficult to read these days, a professional photographer did record them all back in the 1990s. LTVAS has a copy of this.
I have come across some references to a James Bulpitt in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal in 1827. I'm afraid he appeared before the Romsey Town Sessions on three occasions that year. On his third appearance he was committed for full trial at a later date. He appeared in the the court records again in 1828 but I have no details of that. He seems to have been a labourer aged 17 in 1827.

24 August 2006 - In checking all my records that James Bulpitt who was age 18 at the time does not fit into my Bulpitts. In that time period my James was born in 1780 and had no children by the name of James born around 1809. Must be another James Bulpitt.
Joan B.C. Canada


AUS flag

18 November 2006
Anthony Walsham:

My mother, Norah Edwina Carrey was born in Southampton on April 1st 1915 was the youngest of 11 Children. During or immediately after WW I, I believe it was likely she was taken by her parents to live in the old vicarage where she spent the majority of her childhood.
I believe her Godmother was Lady Edwina Ashley. Norah moved from the area in 1930 and subsequently married my father, Alfred John Walsham in 1937. They lived in Aldershot until the outbreak of WW2 when he, and later Norah moved to the Orkney Islands where my father was serving in the Royal Navy. My family migrated to Australia in 1955.
Norah is now 91 and is still quite hale and very hearty, and living in Brisbane, Australia, with one of my sisters.
I was wondering if there are any existing records of her family living in the area and possibly records of her Christening. If there are records I would be very grateful if it were possible for me to locate these records and obtain copies to make up a more complete history of her life.
Yours Faithfully, Tony Walsham.

I can give you a few details which may help you look further for relatives of your Mother. The Old vicarage - now called Folly House, is in Church Lane adjacent to Romsey Abbey. (See the town map pdf link on Romseynet homepage.)
According to the BMD index - Volume 5a page 318, (from your mother was born on the date and the year you mention but in Tisbury, Wiltshire - not Southampton. (About 15 miles west of Salisbury.) Tisbury
Your maternal grandmother's surname was Duff - just in case you were not aware of that. Lady Edwina Ashley subsequently became Lady Edwina Mountbatten - wife of Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma, whose residence was Broadlands House in Romsey and whose family still live there, now called Lord and Lady Braybourne. Broadlands House
(You can see the geographical relationship between Broadlands and Church Lane on the Town map) You could try some of the local parish records - links given from the Tisbury details in the above Genuki link. Unfortunately the available Census records are for the years 1901 and earlier so for details of people after 1901 you need to use the parish records. The present available BMD records cover a greater number of years, from 1837 - 1983.
You say that Norah moved from the area in 1930 and subsequently married your father - might she not have married at Romsey Abbey? This would have been her local church if her religion is C/E. In which case The Abbey Registers should have some details. Romsey Abbey

The other Romsey Churches are also shown on the Town map.

Romsey Abbey
United Reform Church
North Baddesley

I think you have a little homework there!


UK flag
United Kingdom

05 August 2006
Jan Gould:

I am researching the Carter family who lived Romsey. William Carter jnr is named on the WW1 memorial in Romsey Abbey, he was married to Eliza (nee Gritt?) living at 13 Newton Lane, Romsey. His Parents were William & Lucy Carter of 27 Banning St, Romsey. Lucy died in 1931, still I believe in Banning Street. I am told that William & Lucy separated and William went to live in Bishops Sutton, Alresford. I estimate he died around 1940. Are there any living relatives of Lucy & William, or anyone who may remember them, still in Romsey please?
Many Thanks Jan Gould

As you request, I have applied your email to the Genealogy page in the hopes that one of your relatives might look for information. There are several Carter names in the local telephone directory, but none still living in Banning Street.


UK flag
United Kingdom

26 August 2006
John Stephens:

I need records for for William Chalk born 1818 died ???? also James Bruce Chalk born 1859 died 1919 or 1920 tried all avenues even a visit to Hants any help would be appreciated I realise this may incur a fee. D.Stephens.

You do not say whereabouts these people were born/died. Is it in Romsey? If so have you tried the various Romsey Churches who hold records of people buried in their cemeteries although as yet none of this is available online.
I can put your enquiry on Romseynet Genealogy page in case anyone viewing might be able to help.
There is no charge for any details I might find out on behalf of Romseynet enquirers but I am not able to search Births/Marriages/Deaths records generally on behalf of viewers.


UK flag
United Kingdom

07 May 2006
Eileen Wythe:

I am researching my family history and find that my ggg grandfather, b. c.1785 and down to my grandmother were all born in Romsey. My great grandfather William Henry Clark was born in the Lamb Inn, Romsey Extra. Does the Lamb Inn still exist (under a new name perhaps) or has it long since disappeared? The family name was Clark and in 1841 Charles Clark (ggg Grandfather) and his family were living in Cupernham Hundred. I would be interested to discover whether there are any other direct descendants still living in the Romsey area.

Email: 07 June 2006
Further to my email of the 7th May to which you so kindly and I must say very promptly replied, my great grandfather, William Henry Clark b.1848 (father Henry Clark and mother Amelia Emily Tarver), married Flora Jeannette Summers, also of Romsey, in 1873. He was a seedsman/florist living at no.3 Bell Street in 1881 and their children according to the 1881 Census were Walter W; Constance; Florence Louisa (or Louise); Arthur G.; Frances E.; and Gladys G. Another daughter, Mabel Willis, my grandmother, was born the following year.
Flora's parents were William and Charlotte Summers and her siblings were Kerrenhappuck, Alice Elizabeth and Winter Summers and they lived in Delves Place, Romsey Infra. At the age of 12 Flora was living as a servant in the Corn Market. Perhaps some of those names will ring a bell with someone. I shall meanwhile continue to scan your website with interest.

The reply from the Lower Test Valley Archaeological Group below:
"The Lamb Inn was just over Middlebridge in Mainstone. It was half way between The Bridge Tavern (first property by the bridge) and the Horse & Jockey (now the Cromwell Arms). There is now a private house on the site with the old cart access to the rear still on the left hand side. When it was an inn there was an upper bow window supported by posts. The Town Hall has a painting showing The Lamb and Middlebridge. It's just past the Town Clerk's office."

Knowledge of a Clark family living there is not available and because it is not a commonly known family name in the Romsey area its not possible to give any further details. There are also very many Clarks with variations in the spelling so your best hope for that is the Census records.
Your mention of Charles Clark and his family living at Cupernham The Hundred does not quite fit as Cupernham is an area on the edge of Romsey and The Hundred is the name of the main street through the town. They are not really connected in the name, although eventually the road moves on for some distance between them both.

If you look at the town map - link from the navigation on Romseynet homepage - Mainstone is about where the left arrow point is drawn with the direction to Salisbury from the bypass. Cupernham is on the right of the map off the A3090 to Winchester, the GP surgery mark there is just off Cupernham Lane. You can also see The Hundred in the town and the road route between the two - about 2 miles from the Market Place to the aforementioned GP surgery. Cupernham stretches further afield not just the lane.


UK flag
United Kingdom

22 January 2006

Orphanage at Romsey
My father is 82 and lives at Fareham. He was born in Portsmouth. When he was about 4, (1927) his dad placed him in an orphanage at Romsey. I trying to find some information and the history of the orphanage. He left the orphanage when he was 14.
Regards, Shaun Cunningham

I can only find the following page on the Internet about Childrens Homes in Hampshire not actually called Orphanages.
Sorry for the delay in reply.


AUK flag

04 February 2006

Edmunds family of Romsey
Visited your site for the first time and came across a posting under Edmunds (2001-2004). This is the first piece of information on this family I have ever found. I sent an email to the address provided but it was returned. Is there any way of finding out how to get in touch with the person concerned? Help would be greatly appreciated.
Rhonda Wall

I'm afraid the address given is all I was given too so that is not much help. There are about a dozen or so Edmunds in the Romsey Telephone directory but only one with a Romsey exchange and that is in Wellow not the centre of Town. I have replied to your email giving the contact details of this person in the hope they can help you. Sorry not to have been more help.


US flag
United States

28 July 2006

Emery family of Romsey
I was very excited to see your website. I have recently learned of my Romsey, Hampshire Ancestors. My great grandparents (10 generations back) were from Romsey, his name was John Emery (born about 1572) and his wife was Agnes Northend (born about 1576). John's father was Richard Emery born about 1548 in Roxton, Bedfordshire. I was just curious if there are Emery families in the area I could communicate with and if any one has information on John or Richard that would be great. Your website is lovely.
Respectfully, Patricia Caton

If you look at the 1997-1999 /2000 and 2004 archive pages there are other enquiries for Emery, all from the States !
There are around 30 or so entries with the name Emery in the telephone directory for the Southampton area, but only two with Romsey codes. I do not have email addresses for any at all. Your ancestry details are a long way back - I would doubt there would still be an association after all this time. So it might be very difficult to find someone else in the area who has such a long span of knowledge about their ancestors.
I will put your message on my Genealogy page in the hopes that others like you will read and be able to help. You could try the Hampshire Record Office


AUS flag

07 February 2006

Charles Harris
I am trying to trace the family of my gt-gt-grandfather, Charles HARRIS, who was convicted for pickpocketing at Middlesex on 30 June 1831 and transported to Hobart. According to his convict records his birthplace was Romsey, or 'M' or 'N' Romsey (the writing is not very clear) and his occupation was "painter and glazier". He married Mary Ann (aka Ann Mary) Ryan at Hobart on 31 May 1841 when he gives his age as 29 years which would indicate he was born about 1812. This agrees with the 1831 Proceedings of the Old Bailey where his age is given as 19 years. He died in 1884 and at that time it was thought he was 82, 10 years older than his trial and marriage records.
Any suggestions as to how I can find a baptism record in the Romsey area for Charles for either /ca/ 1812 or /ca /1802 would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards Jenny Elliston (Melbourne, Australia)

It difficult tracing family folk as far back as you need. The only place online I can give you to look is 1837 online:
You could try Hampshire Record Office
You might find some churches in Romsey hold Births, Marriages and deaths registers, but the Hampshire Records office should be able to advise about that and give you a list of those that do so.
There is a link to local churches in the left hand panel of this page.


UK flag
United Kingdom

28 November 2006
Rod Donohoe:

Demiah King
I believe the Olive Tree in Latimer Street was formerly called the Latimer Arms. My grandmother kept the Latimer Arms in the early 1920's and I would like to know if there are records of the Landlords/ladies of this establishment. I would like to find the exact dates that she was there. Her name was Demiah King. Regards, Rod Donohoe

I suggest you contact Hampshire Record Office for those details. 1920s are not too far back so they should be able to provide you with quite detailed records. I do not know if they charge for such things but have a look at: The local parish records might also be of some help: Details for Parish Records


US flag
United States

25 October 2006
Sheldon Knight:

Richard Knight
Greetings from the US! I have recently tracked my ancestors back to a Richard Knight who was born 14 January 1603 in Romsey, England. He was at St Mary & Ethelflaeda Romsey, England. He emigrated to the New World around 1640. I'm trying to find all I can find about the Knights. Thanks for your help!
Sheldon J Knight

Its going back a long way to the 1600s but I have put your query on the genealogy page for 2006, in the hopes that someone else might be looking up about Knight families.
The place you mention where Richard was living is the old, full name of Romsey Abbey - see Romsey Abbey History

There is a list of the gravestones at the Abbey - which were moved years ago to form paths around the Abbey. The two people listed with the name Knight in the 1600s were only in their 20s when they died and the date given is later than 1640, so maybe no relation then but its always possible they were part of the same family. See the Knight entry on the 2006 genealogy page.

You could try the Hampshire record office or the local Library or the local history group:
Hampshire Record Office
Romsey Library
And try Local History Group


UK flag
United Kingdom

14 March 2006
Alan Grant:

Tom Lamb
I am trying to trace details on my great-grandfather Tom Lamb who was born in 1862. He was a drover and lived at 14 Industry Row, Mill Lane, Romsey. I am aware that he committed suicide in 1905 and I have seen a newspaper cutting about the inquiry into his death. It makes mention of the fact that he served a period of imprisonment for manslaughter the previous year. I am keen to see some details of this case. I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction to enable me to achieve this.
Thank you in anticipation, Alan Grant

You would be best to try the Hampshire Record Office and even if they do not keep prison records they should be better able to advise. With your permission I apply your email to this Genealogy page; it is always possible someone else might have made a similar investigation and would have the answer. There is already one query this year about a person deported to Australia for pick-pocketing, as was the fashion in those days!


UK flag
United Kingdom

16 March 2006
Leanne Morton:

Mabey family, formerly of Railway View Inn
Hi there, I'm trying to trace my family tree, and find out about where my family used to live, etc.
My grandfather was born in 1915 in the Railway View Inn, Station Road, Romsey when his parents Walter & Ellen Mabey ran the pub. Walter was also a Road Foreman, and we have a picture of him and his workmates outside The Septre pub, which was run by, I believe, Harry & Barbara Noble.
I know The Septre is currently empty awaiting new business, but we couldn't find Station Road (didn't bring a map!!) nor found any listing in the phone book or yellow pages for The Railway View Inn...... do you know what happened to it? The location of any old photos would be good too?? Hope you can help me at all?
Kind regards, Leanne Morton

Below is the reply from the local history group. If you didn't find Station Road then perhaps you cannot visualize what Barbara is saying. If you look at the town map on Romseynet homepage (PDF) you can see the library (green square) and the Car Park and Waitrose. That corner is where Railway View terrace is situated.
Sceptre House is now occupied but I forget by whom, and it is on the corner of Station Road and Alma Road. (Its been a long time since it was a pub) There are traffic lights now at this junction. From Sceptre house direction, walking along Station Road, with the station behind you, pass the Library on the right, at present under rejuvenation, (after the turning to Duttons Road) then a bit further along in front of you there is the entrance on the left which is now Waitrose service entrance.

"Railway View was the middle of the terrace of three properties that lie at an angle, on the right as you come round into Station Road from Latimer Street just before you cross what is now the delivery access road to the back of Waitrose.
These are old houses as is made obvious from the timber-framing at the end of the right hand one. Before the rest of Station Road was built up they had a good open view through to what was then a new station. There are some photographs at LTVAS but I don't think any of them are particularly old. The Railway View closed in the 1960s, having had a final role as a popular venue for the Cyclists Touring Club."
Barbara Burbridge.

If you would like any of the pictures that Barbara says are at LTVAS, if you contact them from here LTVAS website they can then discuss it with you.


AUS flag

16 May 2006
Andrea Neill -

Hi, I am researching the MARSH family of Romsey. William Marsh and Ann Bulpit. I'm not sure of a marriage date but two daughters Charlotte Ellen Marsh Born 1853 and Lucy Marsh Born ?. Both born Romsey. Charlotte married Charles Keel in 1878 in Buckingham and Lucy married William Groves. Charlotte's son Ernest Henry Keel married Lucy's daughter Florence Groves. Any help would be appreciated. Andrea.

I have applied your query to the genealogy page and also attach a pdf of your family members. You have more relations than perhaps you realised!
I can't find the marriage certificate but perhaps they were married before 1837 and the records are not available before that.
I suggest you contact the Hampshire Record Office for those details.


UK flag
United Kingdom

29 October 2006
Michael Nel:

Re: William and Mary Mullins
Please see the query about TURNER


UK flag
United Kingdom

13 January 2006

Payne family of Romsey
Dear Ann, I came across your site by accident and realized that you may be the only one to help me.
In 1881 My Grandfather's Grandfather, Charles Winter Payne lived in No 8 Love Lane, Romsey. My Grandfather was born there, I think his father inherited it. My query is that on the census for 1881, the whole family was in the infirmary along with their neighbours.
Is their any way of finding out for what reason a whole Lane would all be in hospital at the same time? Was there some kind of epidemic in Romsey at the time?
I Know Grandpa Charles was a shoemaker so I wonder if he had a shop of his own, is there any way of finding out?
One of his many sons, George James (my Grandfather's Father) was a wheel wright, where I don't Know.
I hope that you will put this on your site as we have family in and around Romsey still but due to the War we lost touch with most of them.
I would also be interested if anyone else is related to Eliza Mary Moule, daughter of Charles Moule, a Tailor in Romsey, originally from Basingstoke?

I should have stated that Eliza Mary Moule married George James Payne on the 31st of January 1836 in the Parish Church of Romsey and that she was living with her father in the town at that time. I do not know their address or how she met my Great Grandfather. I do however know they had fifteen children that my grandfather knew about. Only two were killed in the war between 1914 to 1918 George Charles and Norman Fredrick, their youngest son Gilbert Alfred 8th May 1992 and youngest daughter, Dorothy Florence in 1970. My Grandfather Percy Arthur died on the 13th of April 1967. My Father believes that they both married and had children but he cannot remember his cousins or them. (Dads in his eighties now). Charles Winter Payne married Mary Ann Savage in May 8 1859.
I did not expect a reply so quick and thank you for your time and effort on my behalf.
yours sincerely Heather Parker nee Payne

Reply from Barbara Burbridge LTVAS
I have drawn a blank about the epidemic in Love Lane and am also puzzled about the hospital. There was no official hospital in Romsey until 1899 but sometimes the workhouse was used as a sort of hospital. This was where the present Nightingale House complex now stands.

Perhaps the problem was of a temporary and very local nature. The word 'epidemic' was used in a wider context than today, and often referred to relatively minor afflictions which once took longer to clear and caused more trouble in a neighbourhood than we might expect. So the Victorians would refer to an epidemic throat for example. The problem for the poor (eg Love Lane residents) in days before sick leave etc. was that there might be no income if a whole family was laid low for a while - hence perhaps the workhouse/hospital might be the only solution. I don't know. Sorry if this is not very helpful. I'll let you know if anything more specific turns up


UK flag
United Kingdom

16 April 2006
Christine Pinnick -

William Pinnick burial
Hi, Can any one help as to where my husband's ancestor might be buried? His name was William Pinnick who died in 1891 age 87. He originated from Brockenhurst and owned the saddlers next to the White Horse. Any clues as to where he might be buried would be gratefully received. Christine Pinnick

I would think it depends on your relative's religion. Below is a link to the local churches in Romseynet where perhaps you can contact each one to ask if they have a list of the people buried in their respective churchyards.
I understand some towns have started a database of these details but as yet it is a new thing and Romsey is not one of the participating towns.
You could try the local record office, address also below, they might know of other places to look for details.
There is a link to local churches in the left hand column.
Hampshire Record Office


UK flag
United Kingdom

29 October 2006
Michael Nel:

Re: Richard Turner
According to the 1881 census my paternal great grandfather, Richard Turner, ran the White Horse Hotel with his wife.
Also according to the 1881 census my maternal great grandparents Harry and Mary Thornton ran the Railway View Inn in Station Road.
I am not sure how far away Alvediston near Shaftesbury, but other maternal grandparents William and Mary Mullins ran the Crown Inn in that village - again according to the l881 census.
Can you tell me where I can get any more information.
Mike Nel

Re the White Horse Hotel and your great great grandfather: If you look at the Genealogy page for 2005 under 'T' Turner, a lady called Joanna also mentions Richard Turner. Please follow the help given for Joanna. As for the next item, LTVAS might also give some advice.

Re the Railway View Inn, in Station Road - Someone else - Leanne Morton, also enquired about this because she said her husband's grandfather was born there in 1915. Details on the 2006 genealogy page under 'M' Mabey. Please also read the reply because it might be worth making enquiries from LTVAS website .

Email addresses are given for the first two queries so you might try them both to see if they can give you any details which they might have come across themselves.

There is now a link to a UK counties map from the 2006 Genealogy page which also gives a link to town names and more.
Hampshire Record Office might also be of some help


UK flag
United Kingdom

29 October 2006
Michael Nel:

Re: Harry and Mary Thornton
Please see the query about TURNER

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