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United Kingdom

11 September 2008
Catherine Secker:

My name is Catherine Secker and I am the Porter for the Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty, St Cross, Winchester. I am researching the history of the Porters here at the hospital and found some research which reads:
"1683AD Another man who might have qualified as one of the Beaufort Brothers (House of Noble Poverty) had they still existed was William Coles. He was Clerk and Porter for the Hospital in his time and a Brother, he was an Alderman and Mayor of Romsey but meeting with misfortune he met with a peaceful asylum within the walls of the Hospital."
I would like to find out some more about this man if possible?

The local Historical group tells me that on the board at the Town hall, William Coles is down as Mayor for the year 1750. There have been other notable William Coles in the town but in later centuries. I suppose its possible all these William Coles were related in some way but we are not able to answer that.
You could try the Hampshire Record Office that holds the parish records and perhaps they have some records relating to this particular William Coles.


UK flag
United Kingdom

26 January 2008

My Grandfather George Cook was born at Romsey in 1865 whilst his father Lud Cook was a coachman at the Abbey, in the 1871 census they are listed at the Coachman's cot. Is there anyway that I could obtain a copy of George Cook's baptism record of 17th March 1865.
I would be obliged for any help whatsoever, Regards Sue Lewis

I suggest the following two websites might be helpful:
Hampshire Record Office
Hampshire Genealogy Society
Maybe your grandfather was baptized in Romsey Abbey since you say his father was a coachman there.


UK flag
United Kingdom

13 May 2008
T. Coghlan:

I was looking on the internet and came across your site, I am tracing my father's side of the family tree in Romsey and was wondering whether you could point me in the right direction.
This is what I know my Great grandfather was John Coughlan, he and his wife Julia came across from Cork Ireland with their three children, John, Michael and Eilleen in the late 1930's. Story has it that they stayed in the Convent with the nuns for a while as they had nowhere to live and the children went to the convent school. I know that from Julia's death cert in 1963 that the family was living at 39 Priestlands and that John was a retired brewer's labourer, I know that shortly after Julia's death John married Connie Alford, and that is about as much as I know. Being that the family was Irish and that the surname is quite unusal how do I go about finding more information? Would there be any records from the convent?

The convent is called Convent de la Sagesse, situated at Abbey House, Romsey Hampshire SO51 8YB Tel: 01794 522320
I do not know whether they keep records going back that far but it would be worth a try giving them a ring. You don't say where you are situated; maybe not in the UK?
Looking in my local telephone directory, nobody by the name of Coughlan lives at Priestlands but there are 3 entries, names spelt the same, two in Southampton and one in Romsey. The Romsey one is for a P. J. Coughlan (Address and Telephone number given to you in my email reply.)
Maybe John or Michael settled in town; perhaps John was P. J. Coughlan?


UK flag
United Kingdom

08 March 2008
Email: Maggie Tanner -

I have just been browsing Harvey Turner's wonderful 'Colourful Romsey' and noticed 'The Old Bricklayers Arms' - now a private house, but once a pub. Mr Turner says the pub was 'Fleur de Lys' until 1830, when it became 'The Bricklayers Arms'. possibly, Mr Harvey says, because of links with the building trade.
How right he is, the pub was bought (and presumably renamed) by my gx6 grandfather, Henry Floyd, master bricklayer.
Henry was a character in his own right. On your genealogy pages on March 16 1997, Martin Smith has quoted an extract from what he believes is a local paper of Henry's funeral - I have an old carbon copy of that exact extract, originally shown to me by my grandmother in the 1980's. I have since found two more records of his funeral, in the 'Hampshire Advertiser' and the 'Hampshire Chronicle'.
I have tried to contact Mr Smith, but unfortunately have had no reply. Regards Maggie Tanner

Henry was definitely buried in Romsey Abbey - he died before Botley Road cemetery was built. My gran and great aunt saw the gravestone in the 1960's, unfortunately it's now part of the pathway around the war memorial and so worn it is now unreadable. When I enquired about his actual burial place in the Abbey a few years ago, I'm afraid I was dismissed as having my facts wrong as he was a 'commoner'!!!
I have been unable to find a copy of the LVTAS book to buy, but will look in the library. I tried a few years ago to contact Mr Smith as I am intrigued to find out how many descendants have a carbon copy of the report!!

Did you try for the LTVAS book as mentioned about old pubs of Romsey called "So drunk he must have been to Romsey"? Always possible there is some mention there of your relative. LTVAS website
Maybe Henry Floyd was buried in Romsey Abbey and detailed in the parish records; particularly with regards to the size of everything, but also because of the large attendance at the funeral.
Since it is now 9 years since Mr Smith sent in his query I do not have any new contact for him, so cannot advise further.

There is a list of gravestone descriptions - link from the genealogy page, but unfortunately it only covers the years from 1663 to 1818. These were done before the stones were moved to make the pathway, but no idea why he didn't do the later years, which are definitely not available, according to the Chair of the local history group.
So that is not much help since your relative must have died in these in between years, before the Botley Road cemetery came into being.
The LTVAS chair do know that Henry Floyd built a large number of houses in Banning Street.


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United Kingdom

29 June 2008
Lesley Scott - Email:

I am trying to trace my family history and my Great Grandfather, James Foot, was born in Romsey around 1813. In 1834 James, a Customs Clerk, married Sara Collins who was also from Romsey. Following the death of Sarah, James married Sarah Whicker - my Great Grandmother.
Please can you advise me as to how I may find more information about James regarding his date and place of birth; Customs records, etc.? I wonder if he is related to Albert Edwin Foot who is already mentioned on your Genealogy page on your website?
Lesley Scott

To my reply email I attach a PDF of my findings on, and I have also given you the address for contact of Tony Foot - enquiry on the 2007 genealogy page
For more details you really need to see the parish records, because unfortunately these early Census records do not give the wife's maiden name so difficult for you since both wives are named Sarah. Maybe the list of children will be an indicator. Hampshire Record Office


AUS flag

16 February 2008
Mark Campbell

I'm trying to find more information about the Grace family, Here's what I know:
Where's Broughton? Where is Oakley Meadows?
Find details that Mark has given about THE GRACE FAMILY TREE HERE

John Grace married Sarah Mills 1819 New Forest Area, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England???
Though the census says my earliest Grace, John Grace, was born in Lambeth Surrey in 1786 I can find no trace of him. Also he sets up home in or around Romsey??? (assuming that's where Broughton is) where there appears to be lots of other Graces with no direct link, yet. Does anyone know about the Grace family in that area? Did a member of a previous generation go to Lambeth?

Broughton is a small village to the North West of Romsey in Hampshire, England. It is also a short distance from Mottisfont, which I see is where many of your relatives worked. Mottisfont has an historic Abbey house and large gardens; now a National Trust museum and both it and the gardens are open to the public. I do not know if they keep records of their employees, going back this far maybe not. More details at the link below: Mottisfont Abbey and Gardens
Broughton has a church and its own cemetery, where may be some of your relatives are buried. The link below is the only website offering information about Broughton and is not up to date, but it does give links to various church personnel who you could contact for burial details. Broughton Church
I cannot see any reference to "Oakley", but sometimes the Census centres did not always follow a specific named area on the map, maybe just the name of the building where the Census count took place. The street map link below should help you with the general layout of the locality. Try Google for a street map.
Lyndhurst is indeed in the New Forest in the county of Hampshire. Lyndhurst
Lambeth is now a suburb of London, but no doubt was in the county of Surrey in the century in which your relatives lived. It is quite a long way from Romsey/Broughton/Mottisfont - even more so in those days, but people did move about somehow, so John Grace may well have travelled further afield to find work perhaps.
You could also get more information about parish records from the Hampshire Record Office

Reply from Chris Grace -
I live just outside Romsey and currently work about a mile from Mottisfont which is only about 2 miles from Broughton.
Whilst trying to discover more about my local Grace ancestors I have recently discovered a few "Grace" names buried in Mottisfont parish churchyard. John Grace d. Oct 21, 1871 aged 50 also Diana, his sister d. Nov 16, 1871 aged 45. Also Elizabeth wife of John Grace who died April 18, 1858 age 66, also John Grace buried March 9, 1879 aged 88. John was a Bricklayer so he or his family may well have had a Lambeth connection.
Re. Sarah Mills. I also have a lot of Mills names in my family tree all of whom were originally from Mottisfont. This family all moved to Lyndhurst c.1816. They may well have had a daughter called Sarah who married John Grace. I seem to remember seeing a census somewhwere with Mottisfont being mentioned.
I also seem to remember a Grace family from Mottisfont who emigrated to Australia. Are you related to the family that emigrated? Hope this helps, Chris Grace


NZ flag
New Zealand

30 August 2008

My name is Sue Annett, from Tokoroa, Waikato, New Zealand.
I am researching my family history and have been told that James Johnstone (my GGGrandfather) was born in Romsey Hants approx 1826 to 1834, I think it was a large family and transient - his parents were Joseph Johnstone and Margaret nee Lovett Johnstone. Could you please advise me of the best way of following this query. On James Johnstone Marriage Certificate he has his birth place as Romsey Hants and on his Deather Certificate as Kirkcaldy, Fire, Scotland!!!!!
Thank you Sue Annett NZSG No 20186

Unfortunately the BMD index only goes back as far as 1837 but I looked just the same. The only James Johnstone I found was in 1840 - PDF of the page attached. Even then the birth place is given as Salisbury, but in those days that could have been a possibility - since Romsey is not far away, although Romsey is actually closer to Southampton.
Your best bet is to contact the Hampshire Record Office where all the parish documents are kept and they can advise on how best to proceed. If your relative was indeed born in Romsey then he should show up in one of the parish/church registers of the time.
In the meantime I will put your query on my genealogy page in case others are looking for the same family - It does happen!
A point I noticed looking through the Ancestry pages the name Johnstone - with the 'e'was more often in the north of the country than south. This might be an explanation about your ancestor's place of death in Scotland.


AUS flag

22 March 2008
Graham Jones

I am trying to find any information or iving relatives of my grandmother Mary Grace Jones; but she only used the name, Grace Jones. She was born in 1883 her parents were father, Robert John Jones and mother, Margaret Jones. She was born in the upper lodge at Benarth Hall, Gyffin Conway, Caernavonshire [in those days now named Conwy]
Her parents did work at the hall for many years and Grace spent her childhood there playing with the son of a doctor Edwards who's name was Lionel Dalhousie Robertson Edwards, the artist author of many books. As she grew up she also worked at the hall at the age around 17 years old and worked there till the Benarth Hall and estate was sold, when she would have been 32years old.
Grace Jones then moved with Lionel Edwards and his wife Ethel to the village West Wellow in the neighbourhood of Romsey, where they found and rented Rose Cottage and was their home for the next two years. Then around 1917 they moved and rented Manor Farm at East Wellow and later, in 1920 they moved to live in Mainstone House on the Broadlands Estate, at the foot of Pauncefoot Hill, just out side Romsey. Later they moved to live on the Downs beyond Broughton - it was an old farmhouse named Buckholt and it remained their home.
[Mary] Grace Jones, now the year 1920 would have been around 37 years old and this is where i have lost trace of her and cannot find any more information about whether she got married, which i think she did and may have had a child named Olive. The name Woods used to be mentioned in my family as i grew up, but nothing more, so if anyone can supply me with any information I would be very grateful.
many thanks Graham Jones [Bendigo Australia]

I suggest the following two websites might be helpful:
Hampshire Record Office
Hampshire Genealogy Society
If Grace got married while still living in Romsey maybe the parish records would be helpful.


UK flag
United Kingdom

16 April 2008
Roy Dunn:

I am tracing my ancestors and I am guided towards Osborne House School in Romsey. Listed on 1871 census is one Henry T Marsh attending the said school but I can't find any reference to it.

Information from the LTVAS website : 'We have plenty of information about Osborne House School, established in Church Street c1850s by John Frederick Osborne, who, as well as being a headmaster, was also a councillor and was mayor of Romsey in 1877.
Osborne House stood on the site of present-day Abbey Walk, and LTVAS has several photographs of it as well as copies/abstracts of some school records. Osborne family members are buried in the Botley Road cemetery near the Non-conformist chapel.
There was a gap in the school's history after the death of Mr Osborne at the end of the 19th century. And then c1904 it re-opened under the same name with a new owner/head called Mr Summers. He died during the war and the school as a private institution closed although the building was then used by HCC as a sort of overflow for council schools + centre for school dinners. It was pulled down in the 1960s to make way for new buildings.'


US flag
United States

02 November 2008
Linda Duffield:

My paternal surname is May, and so many of those in my family have very commonly used given names. I am researching William May, born in 1769 in Romsey, or Ramsey and died in 1850, location unknown; his wife's name is unknown. He had a least one son named John May born in Romsey or Ramsey, Hampshire, England on 26 Apr 1811.
John moved to Southampton where he married Mary Sternie King Lewis on 29 Oct 1827; John May died abt 21 Feb 1866 in London.
In researching this name, I've found numerous other John Mays. So, I'll add some of his children's names, hoping there is a trend in name patterns. Those that I know about immigrated to the U.S. about 1870s: John, Emma, Fred, and Frank with their mother, Mary May. They eventually settled in Utah.

I assume you have seen the May name enquiry on Romseynet genealogy 2005 page? Although these Mays are a bit earlier than your given details there might well be some connection - perhaps an email to Lindsay Eaton in New Zealand who put that query might help - although its 3 years ago so I cannot guarantee the contact, but worth a try.
You have the birth and death dates of William May, it might be helpful to contact the Hampshire Record Office where all the parish records are kept.
A list of all the graves in Romsey Cemetery is being compiled and hopefully will be online soon. This may well give details of William and possibly his wife. There will be a link from Romseynet to this as soon as it is available.


Flag France

16 April 2008
Karen Parr:

I am trying to find information about the Medleys who lived in Romsey. Particularly the family of Charles Medley (b. abt. 1826) who I believe had a grocers shop in Market Place. He was my great-grandfather.
I will be visiting Romsey next week so any information on where I could find out more would be gratefully received.
Many thanks, Karen Parr (née Medley)

If you are coming to Romsey next week your best bet would be to attend one of the LTVAS meetings. Find the details here: LTVAS website They are very knowledgeable about the town and have many collections to view.
On Romseynet itself there is reference to the Medley family here: Gravestones


UK flag
United Kingdom

12 September 2008
Kay Perkins:

I am interested in finding out more about Romsey poor house. I have read the article on the internet under Hampshire Family History but I wonder if you have any other information on the place - where was it situated, who ran it and how long was it in use. Any information you have would be much appreciated.
I believe ancestors of mine were either inmates or ran the poor house. Their names were James and Sarah Summers. I came by this information from the 1841 census.

Did you read this article too? Hants History You should find some help there, but it is a comprehensive site, so might take awhile!
I have sent you a PDF of a present day map where I have marked the positions of the properties mentioned in the article. The 1870 infirmary building is now called Hayter House.
Sorry I don't think I can conjure up details of who ran the workhouse in those early years although it does say it was overseen by an elected board of guardians. There are links to the relevant census on the page where you might find out the names of the people living there at those dates, and their occupations.
There is a small amount about the area as it is now on page 4 here
and on page 5 here


UK flag
United Kingdom

01 October 2008
Stephen Tullett:

I wonder if you could help me please. I have so far traced back to my Great Great Grandfather who was Alfred Stares born I believe in 1854. He was a pork Butcher and I understand was instrumental in starting Stares the Butchers. There was some kind of family dispute and my Great Grandfather Edward, left and became an antiques dealer. His Son Sydney was apparently confirmed in Romsey Abbey although my Father Roy Stares believes that he was christened there. Is there any way in which I can find out which is true. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I suggest you contact Hampshire Record Office where all the parish/church records are kept. I do not know whether confirmations and christenings are listed but they can advise.
It might also be worth ringing the butcher shop - just on the off chance that someone there could possibly give you some past history. 01794 513113
In this PDF Stares at Christmas page 11 by Tony Stares. Might possibly be of some interest to you. I do not know if the author is still alive
Thanks to the Romsey and District Society for this item.


UK flag
United Kingdom

12 September 2008
Kay Perkins:

See the item on Romsey Workhouse for this enquiry


US flag
United States

05 February 2008

Seeking information regarding the following as listed in Romsey Abbey:
John Warren - Intruder Vicar. Can someone please explain this term? Seeking any additional information regarding this John Warren.
Thank you, Patricia Warren, Astoria Oregon USA

I have made some enquiries from the local history group, and this is the reply:
"'Intruder' vicars were imposed by the Puritans/Parliamentarians during the English Civil War - which ended with the execution of Charles I in 1649 - and on into the Interregnum (Oliver Cromwell). They replaced vicars who were considered too High-Church for the Puritan liking. They were referred to as 'intruders' because they were not episcopally appointed.
In fact John Warren was ejected in 1662. This was two years after the Restoration of Charles II, and the year in which the Clarendon Code was introduced, imposing regulations on the Church of England with which the Puritan clergy could no longer comply.
John then stayed on in Romsey with his brother, Thomas Warren, who had also withdrawn from the Anglican Church. Together they established the Nonconformist Independent Chapel, which later became the Congregational Church, now the United Reformed Church. That is why the board outside the URC bears the foundation date of 1662, denoting the starting date of the church as a body, although the current building only dates from the 1880s".


UK flag
United Kingdom

09 July 2008

I am trying to establish some details about an ancestor of my family. Edward Withers appears in Farringdon around 1700 and the family lived in that area for the next two hundred years. It would appear that his father could Richard Withers but I believe he came from Romsey. My records show Richard was born in Romsey in 1658 but died in 'Hampshire' which would include both Farringdon and Romsey. His family appeared to have been in Romsey for several generations before that. To confirm the family link between Richard and Edward I am trying to find some records that showed a family link and also to prove that either Richard or Edward moved from Romsey to Farringdon. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Roger Withers

There is a long list of Withers on the gravestones list for Romsey Abbey from the link at the side of this page. Maybe you can sort them out to discover if any of them are the people you are looking for. This list of Romsey Abbey gravestones is the only record because the stones were all moved to create a path at the Abbey when burials ceased there for lack of room.
There is another Romsey Cemetery in Botley Road which took over from the Abbey for all the church denominations. At present there is not a visible list of the names interred there although I understand one is being compiled for viewing but is not yet ready.
You could try the Hampshire Record Officefor their details of the Parish records.

Thank you for your assistance. Unfortunately all the gravestones are of a later date than what I want. The only one about the correct date is of a child, and this does not help. It would appear that my ancestor Edward Withers was born in 1682 (only information is that it was in Hampshire) and died in Farringdon Hants. From him the family are well documented to the present day. According to my information Edward's father was Richard but he appeared to have lived and died in Romsey (born 1658). I want to find some form of confirmation that the Edward Withers who died in Farringdon was indeed the son of Richard who lived in Romsey. I have a fairly well documented history of Richard's forebears, but the link that shows that someone (either Edward or Richard) moved from Romsey to Farringdon is weak.

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