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VC & Award Holders in Romsey

UK flag
United Kingdom

22 January 2010
Peter Cansfield:

Undertaking research I find a claim that Clement Leslie Smith VC MC was born in Romsey and then moved to Whippingham IOW. Others say he was born there. Can you help?
Also Henry Curtis VC was born there on 21 December 1822 and Arthur James Terence Fleming-Sandes VC died in the town in 1961, although buried in Torbay.
Are there any memorials in the town to these three men?
Thank you for your help. Peter Cansfield

Reply from the Romsey military historian:
"The only Victoria Cross holder that I am aware of with any direct links to the town is Frederick Luke from Lockerley. His brother was killed in the Great War and is commemorated on the war memorial in the park.
I am not aware of any memorials in the town for the 3 recipients listed, but that doesn't mean that one doesn't exist;
Clement Leslie Smith VC MC - The source that I have indicates that he was born at Cowes, Isle of Wight on 17 January 1878.
Henry Curtis was indeed born in Romsey on 21 December 1822 (some records indicate 1823) but his Naval service record states 1822. He had joined the Royal Navy by June 1841 and went on to serve for over 23 years in the Senior Service. There may well be some Romsey family links here that merit further investigation, but I do know that Henry died in Portsea in 1896 and is buried in Kingston Cemetery.
Arthur James Terence Fleming-Sandes died while visiting Romsey on 24 May 1961. His home was in Teignmouth, Devon. It is possible that there may be reference to his visit / death in the Romsey Advertiser."

Reply 2:
Regarding Arthur James Terence Fleming - Sandes who had died while visiting Romsey on 24 May 1961. It would seem the Romsey Advertiser only have back copies from the 70s - those for the 60s are missing.
So we suggest you try the Hampshire Archive Office in Winchester who may have a copy of the paper you are looking for.


UK flag
United Kingdom

22 January 2010
Gail King:

I'm trying to find out more about my great great grandfather Robert William Arnold who was born in Romsey and was a miller, I think it was Fox's mill.
He was married to Laura Burt who was a daughter of Aine Burt a miller from Witchampton.
According to his will in 1923 he owned 9 cottages in Middlebridge Street, but I have no idea which ones. I don't know who his father was or any other of his family, so if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it. Thank you Gail King

Reply from the local History Group:
Robert Arnold was indeed the miller at Fox Mill. There were two Robert Arnolds who were buried in Botley Road cemetery in the late 19th century.
I am not sure that Arnold owned the mill. It is more likely that he was a tenant of Broadlands.
I don't know about the ownership of cottages in Middlebridge


UK flag
United Kingdom

18 July 2010
Margaret Baker:

I'm trying to find information and possibly any family, in the Mottisfont area, belonging to the Baker family.
William born 1770 Mottisfont. Married 1791 to Anne Coombes 1772
Charles born 1800. married 1826 in Nursling to Susanagh Mitchell born 1801 in Coombe Bissett.
Geoge born 1834 Mottisfont. Married Ann Perkins born 1833 St. Mary's South Southampton.
James Henry born 1860 Mottisfont married Bessie Bartlett born Iwerne Minster.
I have just been to Mottisfont Church in July 2010 but cannot find any graves with these names.

You have a lot of information there so I presume you have looked at the records for the details. Maybe you need to look at the other churches for burials. Have you tried the Hampshire Archive office? The keep all parish records so would be the best way to proceed.


UK flag
United Kingdom

20 May 2010
Dorothy Whitehouse:

HENRY BUNGAY born 1859 in Nursling. Married EMILY FRANCES SILLENCE in North Buddley 1885 died Finchley 1925.
His father JOHN T BUNGAY born 1834 Romsey. Married HARRIET WHITE in Romsey 1858 died Southampton 1923.
His father JOHN BUNGY (the spelling of his surname varied through out his life) Born (1797 possibly not sure where) Married CHARLOTTE BUDDEN in East Wellow 1818. Death date unknown.
I would be grateful to have these facts confirmed as correct or given details which show alternatives as being correct plus any further information that some one may think will help me progress. Thank you.

I have put your query on my 2010 genealogy page for viewers. I do feel that the place name should be North Baddesley - not Buddley. Nursling and North Baddesley are not geographically far apart.
There is a small amount of detail in another query in 2007 about the Sillence family. The name Sillence has been an important one in Romsey at some time, but for the moment I cannot locate anyone else connected.
Have you tried the Hampshire Archive office? They might be able to help.


UK flag
United Kingdom

22 September 2010
David Chilcott:

I am trying to find out more about my ancestors who lived in Romsey from about 1830 -1861.
My great great great grandparents John and Elizabeth Chilcott moved to Feltham from Burton Bradstock and then to Romsey.There is some evidence the flax mill in Burton Bradstock reduced production in 1820 and didn't need as many workers and a record that the owner of the Feltham flax mill was declared bankrupt in 1834. Did John move to Romsey in about 1834 to work in the Abbey Mills?
1841 census John at Newton Lane, Romsey age 60 (so birth between 1777-1781) occupation flaxspinner.
1851 census John at Banning Street, Romsey age 69 (so birth 1782) occupation 2nd foreman at the factory (flax).
1861 census John at Bell Street, Romsey (living with Daughter and Son-in law, Esther and Josiah Munday) age 81 (so birth 1780) occupation factory labourer.
1864 (10 April) death certificate Bell Street, Romsey age 85 (so birth 1779) occupation foreman at the sack factory.

John's sons James Ingram Chilcott and Henry Chilcott also worked in the flax mill until they moved with their families to Fordingbridge in1860/1861 and continued working in a flax mill there. John's daughter Esther married Josiah Munday and eventually they ran the Delve Inn.

My great grandfather Harry Chilcott (son of James Ingram) was born 30 August 1854 at Mount Pleasant, Romsey. Birth registered by his mother Mary Ann Chilcott (nee Masters) on 30 September 1854. Baptised at Romsey on 12 November 1854. He moved to Fordingbridge with his 1860/1861.

Any additional information to the above would be very welcome. David Chilcott

I am not able to help you with searches for your family, but have put the details you have given on my genealogy page for 2010 so other viewers might be able to help.
Have you tried The Hampshire archives - they hold parish records as well as the census details.
It is also possible that the local history group might have some knowledge on these mills - send an email to them from their website - LTVAS


US flag
United States

18 August 2010
Rick Russell:

I will be visiting the U.K. from the U.S. and I'm trying to find anyone who has knowledge of my grandfather Charles James Cosgrove. He died in 1970 but I believe there may be people from Romsey who may have some information about him
I wrote a letter to an address I had in the Trowbridge area and the lady who lived there (80 yrs. old) said that to her knowledge my grandfather had friends in Romsey and that I should try inquires there. I'm sorry that I don't have any more info. He was a director of an insurance co. (Norwich Union) in So'ton. He was also a director of a soccer team "the Saints" probably in the forties. Hoping someone can give some information.


UK flag
United Kingdom

14 May 2010

I wonder if you can help, I'm trying to trace my Gt Grandfather Robert Harry Crisp he was a Coachman from 1886 to 1900 in the Braishfield area. I'm assuming he would have worked for a Brewery. Would you know if there was a brewery in or around the area that he might have worked for?
Kind regards, Linda Hassett

Strong's Brewery in Romsey may have been where your Grandfather worked. If you look here Strongs Brewery There is quite a bit of infornmtion about the brewery and a lot of photos. A bit of information here too.


New Zealand flag
New Zealand

See MOODY below for details

AUS flag

10 June 2010
Helen Thompson:

I am descended from the Fox family which lived for several generations (from the 1600s to the 1830s at least) in the Mottisfont/Romsey area as yeoman farmers.
I am trying to estaliblish exactly where they farmed (as I would like to visit the Romsey area in a few years time, and would like to have some idea of where they lived), and also where they were buried.
1. Richard Fox (born ca1680 Mottisfont - it is thought the family originally came from East Dean) and Mary Wiltshire (children Richard, Sarah, Stephen, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Jonathan)
2. Richard Fox (born/bapt. 14 Dec 1713 Mottisfont) and Mary Leach of Wallop [his third marriage], child Richard)
3. Richard Fox (born 1749 Mottisfont) and Martha ? [surname not known] of Ashbridge (children Richard, Stephen, and Martha) - per his will dated & March 1826, Yeoman of Mottisfont, he bequeathed his copyhold ... under the Lord of the Manor of Mottisfont to his son Richard Fox.
4. Richard Fox (b. ca 1760-1770s, died between 1826 and 1833)) and Sarah Golden of Lyndhurst married 27 Dec 1796, Parish Church of Romsey, Church of England (born ca 1761 or later at Hatts Farm, died 18 Jan 1837) (children Charles, John, John James, Sarah, Thomas, Alfred, Mary, and the youngest Samuel George Fox [whom I am descended from, who was born ca1815 Mottisfont died 31 August 1890 Islington, London]. Any information about this family would be most gratefully received

On the genealogy page is a link to Gravestones at Romsey Abbey. One John and his wife Sarah Fox are listed as having died in 1766. Maybe the John is the son mentioned in the children of your first Richard Fox.
A little bit about Mottisfont Church itself here plus lovely photo. There are obviously grave stones there but whether there is a comprehensive list of those I do not know. Many churches are compiling these lists, but Mottisfont is a very small community so may not be anyone to do that. If they are readable you might see the details when you visit yourself.
Perhaps the parish records give more details of some of the family and where they actually lived, ask here at the Hampshire Records Office.
I hope that helps and maybe someone else viewing the genealogy page might have some connections/suggestions.


UK flag
United Kingdom

05 March 2010
Tricia Allsopp:

I'm hoping your Local History Group will be able to help me. I'm researching my family history and I'm told that my aunt and her husband were mayor and mayoress of Romsey. I'm not sure when this was but her name was Audrey May Harvey (nee Barnett) and she was born in 1912 and died in 1995. I don't know where to access a list of past mayors of Romsey and wondered if you could help or whether anyone has information regarding my aunt. Grateful for any light you can throw on this.

Reginald Henry Harvey was Mayor of Romsey for the year 1960. Unfortunately there is no date of birth or address where he lived or indeed his occupation. This information is usually applied alongside the photo on the memorial board at the Town Hall.
Also the photo of Mayor Harvey is very black and not recognisable; which is unusual because all the others are good and have been taken wearing the Mayoral robes of office.
So if you should happen to have a photo of your Uncle or indeed know details of his occupation while he was resident in the town we should be very pleased to put that right on the memory board.
There is no mention of his wife although no doubt she would have been his escort, but escorts are not given with any of the Mayor's details.

Tricia repied:Thank you very much for the details below. Unfortunately no-one in my immediate family would have a photo as we lost contact until one of my sisters contacted my aunt towards the end of her life. My sisters tells me that Reginald Harvey was an estate agent and auctioneer in Romsey but whether he was anything to do with the Parnell Jordy & Harvey estate agents currently operating in Romsey I don't know. They say on their website that they were established in 1947 which would sound about the right year for Reginald Harvey. If I find out any more I will certainly let you know.


AUS flag

08 January 2010
Gail Spanier:

My query is one regarding my great grandfather Tom (not Thomas) Seward Holloway, who was born in Romsey abt 1828, according to his death certificate in (1875) which gave his age as 47, with his wife as informant.
The IGI shows a Tom Seward Holloway of Romsey to have been chr 28 May 1830 with only the name of the mother, Harriett Holloway, being given.

The IGI also shows a Tom Holloway of Romsey as being christened 03 May 1835 with the mother's name - Harriet, as well as the father's name - Charles Holloway being given.

Harriett (Colson) and Charles Holloway were married 30 May 1825 (IGI). Tom has two older sisters, Harriet, chr 15 Oct 1826 and Ann, chr 16 May 1830 (IGI) as well as three other siblings, all of whom were born after him.
All six children (except Harriet who is in service elsewhere) show up in the household in the 1841 census. All christening and marriage entries are from the C of E Romsey Parish records.

Can anyone shed any light on why Tom would have been christened twice, and also, why so (relatively) long after his birth? Any help very much appreciated.
Thanks, Gail Spanier, Perth WA Australia

Hoping some readers might have a suggestion - its a conundrum!


US flag
United States

16 February 2010
Claudia Blackler:

My Grandmothers story that her Great Grandmother had been born out of wedlock to a member of the Jones family who had given her his name and brought her up as an educated lady.
When she married our Great Grandfather Robert Brown, her name was given as Harriet Adams, but at the birth of one of her children her name is written in the Parish Register as Eliza Harriet Jones. Her birth was around 1840, marriage 1865 Southampton, death 1902 Southampton. Can anyone help please? My second cousin John Bartlett of Southampton has been doing research and found out this information but we are now stuck! I live in New York and will be visiting your area in September to do further research.
Thanking you in advance, Claudia Blackler

Hoping some readers might have a suggestion - its another conundrum!


AUS flag

24 October 2010
Norma Hubbard -

I am trying to find the date of death of John Loader born in Wellow 1786 who married a Martha Williams in Wellow 1807. Is anybody able to help
Trevor Hubbard Australia

I wonder if you have tried the Hampshire archives? Also the local History group - LTVAS have burial records for Romsey and might find the name you want.
If you already have the names and marriage year, if you took those from the Census there should have been a place name recorded?


NZ flag
New Zealand

14 May 2010
Pam Hislop:

I believe I may have found a link into my family through the marriage of a Frank A. MOODY to Florence Kate FIELDER in 1916, Romsey.
I know that Florence Kate was born 1891 to Henry Elbra FIELDER and Edith Mary BARNES and have most of the Census details 1881-1911 (Michelmersh).
Frank A - if he is mine - was born 1886, Islington, London.
What I am particularly interested in is finding out more about Frank and Florence and any children. FreeBDM shows two MOODY births - Charles D. MOODY - 1917 Margaret M. MOODY - 1920 in Romsey
Frank, in 1911 Census, was living with his parents and described as a Cycle Dealer and Gas Fitter.

Have you read about the Moody families in Romsey on Romseynet Genealogy 2005 page? I don't think I can offer any more information than is given there - even links to other places for details. There is a picture of the Gun shop, now Romsey Tourist Information Centre, at the top of 2006 Genealogy page.
Reply 2
Don't give up on the Romsey connection - Michelmersh is a bare mile, as the crow flies, from Romsey town centre. Apart from the brickworks there are no other businesses there, so people would need to look in Romsey for work.
There is a church in Timsbury/Michelmersh which might have some Parish records Hampshire Record office might be able to give you some details.
Also Romsey Abbey is a centre of focus in the Romsey and many marriages and births will be recorded there, if the nearest local church is not used for those occasions, especially if the people were of some importance.


UK flag
United Kingdom

21 August 2010
Dennis Paterson:

I am researching our Cullen Golf Club annual tournament. It was won in 1924 by a John Mutch.
Aberdeen university have given me following detail of John Mutch:
MUTCH John MA 1919. S of William M., printer; b. Cove, Nigg, Kincardineshire, 30 December 1892; 68 Carden Place, Aberdeen M.C. 191921
Senior Asst. master, Osborne Hiusen School, Romsey, Hants 1919.
Education officer (grade III) , Royal Airforce, 1922 R.of S. p.325
M. Southhampton, 21 April 1920, Margaret Maude Marie, d. of Charles Tebbutt, timber dealer (deceased) Piddington, Northhants.
Would you have any archive on John Mutch, or living relatives?? Do you know if he was a golfer?? Any info welcomed. Thanks.

Apologies for long delay - will make some enquiries


Flag South Africa
South Africa

10 April 2010
Rob and Dari Mahaffey:

Hi! I wonder if you could kindly help with the following: I am trying to trace information on my wife's family, Timmins, who have a connection with Mottisfont Abbey School. My mother-in-law Sheila (Shelagh)'s father was a school teacher at Mottisfont between 1890 and 1910. We think his name was Frances Thomas or Thomas Francis Timmins. We know he was teaching in Kimberly South Africa around 1900-1906.
The other members of the family were Gertrude Benson (wife), Howard, (son who became a publisher in Cape Town),Vera and Kathleen (the other sisters). We also know that they were living in Grimsby from the 1911 census. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Rob and Dari Mahaffey,Cape Town RSA.

Hoping some readers might have a suggestion. I will make some enquiries about the school.


UK flag
United Kingdom

28 October 2010
Marion Ward:

We are trying to find an ancestor who would have been born in 1898 either in Ivy Road, St Denys, Southampton or Cherville Street, Romsey. She would have been going to school by about 1905 latest I know the Abbey school was the nearest to her address. Hope you can get me a grain of info. Mrs Marion Ward

Have you tried the Hampshire Archives? They keep parish records and should be able to tell you how to see the details of these for the area you want.
You could also try the local History group - LTVAS who may have some details about the Abbey School which might help.
I will put your request on my genealogy page in case others are looking who might have some suggestions.

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