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The e-mails below have been received from people making enquiries about various connections in Romsey. Letters have come from anywhere in the world. It's always good to know how far afield Romseynet is being read. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries and your message and the reply will be added to this page unless you request otherwise.

I normally include sender email addresses for others to contact you if they wish. Please let me know if you do not want your address included here.

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United Kingdom
17 November 2003 - Email:

Romsey Town centre meeting the needs of the disabled
Hi, my name is Abby and I am currently in my first year at Barton Pevril College. I am taking geography as one of my 4 AS levels and for my personal investigation I am going to look at how Romsey Town centre meets the needs of the disabled, mainly wheelchair bound people but also the elderly and the hard of hearing and sight. I would be very thankful if you are able to help me collect some information on incidents occuring in Romsey Town centre. I know a lot of the pavements and curbs have been greatly improved over the last couple of years but I was wondering whether you would be able to give me any information on accidents that occured before these changes were made, trips or falls, for example so I would be able to see how much difference the improvements have made to the people of Romsey and to see whether it has made it easier for disabled people to move around on their own without having to worry about dangerously high curbs or sloping pavements. I would be very greatful if you could help me with this. Thankyou

The people to contact is Test Valley Community Services

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United Kingdom
26 October 2003 - Email:

Local History Search
Hi! We recently moved to the - Lower Brownhill Road on the Nursling/Southampton border area. I am trying to find local history on the web but information on Southampton is not relevant as we are so far north of the city and the town boundaries did not extend this far till way into the 1950s. We do know that our house was built in 1982 in part of the gardens of a large Victorian house (now Brownhill House residential home) and so at the time would not have been part of Southampton. Before that we believe this to be former farmland of Bargain Farm, Frogmore Lane at Hillyfields, Nursling, which I am hoping comes under the history of Romsey, hence me contacting you.
Can you help us further? Our particular interests are:

1. Corbiere Close shows on our Land Registry as being Vinery Gardens and indeed older street maps show this as being so yet the person who we bought the house from said he lived here since the house was built in 1982 and the road has always been Corbiere Close. We are curious as to the change of name.

2. The history of Brownhill House.

3. The Old Hampshire Gazetteer claims that there was a settlement here called Lower Brownhill but after three days searching on the net I can find no more information than that.

I do hope you can help or point us in the right direction.
Regards - Jonathan Twamley, 7 Corbiere Close, Maybush, Southampton SO16 9QS

Hello Jonathan, I am forwarding your query on to Phoebe Merrick, chair of the Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group who may be able to help or point you to someone who can. In the meantime I will display your message on our postbox page in case anyone viewing can advise.

Reply from Phoebe Merrick:
Our local archaeologists have undertaken much work on Nursling and I have forwarded your email to Stephen Cooper who says he will look at it and try to respond.

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United Kingdom
14 October 2003 - Email: reply to Romseynet above

Residential Care
My mother will shortly be requiring residential care, preferably in the South Hampshire/West Sussex areas. Please be good enough to supply a list of possible Abbeyfield locations which may be suitable. I will then contact them individually.Your early attention would be appreciated.
With many thanks. Peter Coveney

Hello Mr Coveney - If you look at the Internet address here: you should find all the details you need about Abbeyfield house. The contact details are correct here if you decide to enquire.
For general Residential Homes in Hampshire you could look here: Hampshire website
I hope you find something suitable with your enquiries, its not an easy task

Flag USA
United States
30 September 2003 - Email:

Books about Romsey
Please can you advise me as to if there are any books published preferrably hardback, detailing the history and photos of old Romsey. My mother was born in Romsey hospital in 1940 her mother and father were also locals, so anything around the period of approx 1920 to date would be very interesting, She lived her early life in Banning Street and has fond memories of this particular area, but all of the town is of interest. If there is such a publication please can you tell me as to where I can puchase from. Thanking you, Mrs J Snow

I am forwarding your enquiry to the Lower Test Valley Archaelogical Study Group who are very knowledgeable about Romsey history. I am quite sure they can advise about the relevant books.

Dear Mrs Snow, Here is a list of books about Romsey produced by the local history group. 'Romsey Yesterday and Today' is a picture book with old photos of the town on one page and a modern view opposite. 'The History of Romsey' is a general history of the town from earliest times up to 2000.

The books are on sale in the town from the Tourist Information Centre in Church Street. They can also be bought directly from us, the local historians. (We are known as LTVAS Group) You would need to contact LTVAS for the postage costs.

The books in print are shown on the LTVAS page
Yours sincerely, Phoebe Merrick, Chairman, LTVAS

Flag USA
United States
24 September 2003 - Email:

Romsey Abbey History
I was born in Romsey, although, I have lived in the US for many years. Whenever I return to Romsey a walk through the abbey always proves to be a moving experience. Can you recommend any history that has been written of the abbey? Regards, Robin Petty.

Hello Robin, I presume you have read the Abbey History page on Romseynet. There is a link from that page to the Abbey's own website which also gives some history as well as general Abbey details.
Romseynet also has pages about the two Abbey organs.
More details are at the address below.

Romsey Tourist Centre should be able to tell you if it has a book on the subject you can email them at:

To read the reply from Phoebe Merrick Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group. CLICK HERE

Flag Belgium
10 September 2003 - Email:

Romsey Hospital
Dear Sir, When my father died, I founded an article from an old journal. I taped it and you can read it. I insert this article after this introduction. Can you give my some informations about this event? (For example the year and date of this event and so on) It seems for me very important to know more about the existence of my father when he lived in UK during the First World War and the years after.
You can send my your response by email or by letter (my private address is: Mister Michel LEBBE 30, avenue du Grand Bois B-1410 Waterloo Belgium)
Many thanks for your help. Best regards, Michel LEBBE

The article

Saturday was Hospital Day in Romsey, when a great effort was made to place the Romsey Nursing Home and Cottage Hospital on a more satisfactory basis financially. Ever since the Hospital was opened on January 11, 1899 it has justified its existence, and, after being reconstructed, was re-opened on January 20, 1909. There is no shadow of question as to its usefulness, so that people can hand over any amount in the full assurance that it will be productive of good. The committee which carried out the arrangements in connection with the day in a most admirable manner were: Mr. F. Oram (chairman), Messrs. C. L. Lordan, E. Siller-Butler, Drew, J. Croecker, and S. E. P. Whatherhead (Hon. Treasurer and secretary of the Nursing Home)). Mr. Walton of the Cinema and Mrs. Thayre, of the Elite, kindly gave the proceeds of an evening's entertainment each at (I'm not able to read the word)??? palaces and a willing hand collectors were busy making house to house cans with hores in Romsey and district. On Saturday a flower stall was erected at the Palmerston statue in the Market Place, for which the Romsey Flower Show Committee kindly lent the canvas. Mrs. Wearherhead superintended the stall, and had as helpers Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Attlee, Miss Hope, Mademoiselle Roggemans, Master Charlot Lebbe, Miss Touzel, Misses Molle and Weatherhead and Mr. Day. Messrs Elcombe Bros very kindly lent palms for the outside of the flower stall; Mr. Goddard, Church Street, lent flower bases, and a good number of residents in Romsey and district very generously gave flowers and pot plants.

The meteorological conditions on Saturday were very disheartening, rain coming down in torrents and keeping most people indoors. Still the workers at the stall stuck to their posts and not only equalled the takings of last year (£5 16s.) but nearly doubled them, taking over £11 10s. In the evening the combined Romsey and Locklerley bands rendered an excellent programme of music to a very good audience, the rain keeping off. On Monday night the Hospital Committee met and counted the takings the gross totals amounting to nearly £7, with five more boxes to come in. The takings are as follows:
The next item is a table of all the monies taken for the day, which is too long to repeat here.

Hello Michel, Looking into your enquiry and will get back to you. (email forwarded to Lower Test Valley Archaeological Study Group who is answering the enquiry)

Flag UK
United Kingdom
08 July 2003 - Email:

Local transport
How or where can I find out about the history of the local transport including the canal, railway etc. from 1750 to 1900. Tim Hall

The best I can do for you is to suggest Romsey Library or maybe you might find something helpful at this Internet address

Flag UK
United Kingdom
25 June 2003 - Email:

Room booking
Good morning, I am the Secretary of the Hampshire Branch of the Society of Local Council Clerks. I have been asked to find an accessible venue in Romsey for a training meeting the branch is planning in July, w.b 14 July but not the 15th. Could you please give me any contacts I can make.
Gwen Girdwood Interim Admin and Event Management. 37 The Pastures, Kings Worthy, WINCHESTER, Hants SO23 7LX - Tel/Fax 01962 881577 ' webpage:

I am forwarding your request on to Test Valley Community Services. They should be able to give you a list of venues. Thank you for looking at Romseynet.

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United Kingdom
27 May 2003 - Email:

Romsey History
Hi, I am doing a Georgian Project at Romsey School and I am trying to find out some information about the Abbotsford House, which is now HSBC Bank PLC. The address is 10 Market Place, Romsey and it is near the Palmerston statue so any one with any info please contact me ASAP
Regards, Ellie Pybus

If you send your enquiry to Local History group (LTVAS) they should be able to help you with your enquiry. The Test Valley Archaeological group are very knowledgeable about the area. Thank you for your enquiry.

  27 May 2003 - Email:

Looking for a friend
Hi, I am trying to get hold of a friend of mine who lives in Romsey........he has moved from the last address I had for him....its Mr Lee Hipple....if you know him......will you please ask him to ring Sue on 0799 068 4566 Thankyou, SUE.

Your email is added to our postbox list but there is no one in the local telephone directory by the name of Hipple.

Flag South Africa
South Africa
23 May 2003 - Email:

Lost friend
Hi, My friend Stephan Bolton who used to be at this address - and this URL ' seems to have moved to another address or URL. Can you please help me with either his new email or URL. Or maybe you have a snail mail address, cell or tel number? Many thanks, from an old friend in South Africa, Mark Rose-Christie
Cellular: 082 - 567 6554 - The Mystery Ghost Bus Tour -
The Magic of Mark Rose-Christie -

Sorry but "thenet" is no longer active and we cannot now locate Stephen Bolton

Flag Malta
21 May 2003 - Email:

Email address
Dear sir/madame, I have an address in Romsey and I need to know if they have an e-mail address if you could help me please. It is: Garmin Europe Ltd, Unit 5 Quadrangle, Abbey Park Industrial estate, Romsey, Hampshire, S051 9AQ.
Thanks. Mr Paul Saliba Malta

Email address is -

Flag New Zealand
New Zealand
12 May 2003 - Email:

Lost person
I am endeavouring to contact a Don Baker (ex RAF) whom I believe is linked to "Waterworld" Romsey. If you can find your way to locating him, please ask him to make contact by email. Hoping my request meets with your approval.
Yours faithfully, Don Sutherland

I have included your message here on this Postbox 2 page of Romseynet. I hope it achieves some success for you. You could also try sending an email to The Romsey Advertiser at - Best of luck

Flag Wales
05 May 2003 - Email:

Travel directions
Please could you tell me how to get to Greenridge Farm as we are attending a wedding reception there on Saturday 10 May? Also could you send information on other places of interest that we could visit in a short time, including local pubs. the address is:
9 Ffordd Las, Abertridwr, Caerphilly, CF83 4EW
Thankyou, Vanessa Hughes (Mrs)

Hello Vanessa, You say Greenridge Farm - are you referring to Greenhill Farm camping and caravan site? This is mentioned in Accommodation on Romseynet. Not GREENRIDGE. I need to know the answer to this in order to give you directions. There is a list of various local attractions - if you click the Tourist Logo on the homepage you will see the link there. There is also a link to Events, you might find something of interest there too. I hope this is some help. Please let me know the actual address of the Farm so I can look up travel details from Wales.
NOTE:No further reply

Flag UK
United Kingdom
03 March 2003 - Email:

Friend Search
I am contacting you on behalf of my father-in-law who is trying to trace a friend that he lost contact with at the end of their National Service. My father-in-law, Michael Cobb, is trying to find any details on Maurice N. Toon. They served together at RAF Tangmere in 1951/52. Maurice lived in the Mile Hill area of Romsey and had a sister but apart from that, we have no other information. Although a long shot, my father-in-law would like to contact Maurice and any help would be appreciated.
Yours faithfully, Ian Cowley, 1 Grenville Road, Lostwithiel, Cornwall PL22 0EP

Flag Holland
24 February 2003 - Email:

Dear Sir, Please could you inform me, about Bed & Breakfast addresses, in or near Romsey Hampshire. Thank you for following informations. H. J. Alblas Dr. Alb. Schweitzer Iaan 37, 2731 EA Benthuizen, Holland.

Flag Belgium
19 February 2003

A moving confirmation of the value of Romseynet
The Secretary of Romsey and District Society received a call from a gentleman in Belgium.
He had visited the Abbey some time ago and wanted to confirm the wording and its origin, on the Alice Taylor monument - "Is it well with the child? It is well." His enquiry was for a friend whose young daughter had died.

Flag Scotland
19 February 2003 - Email: or

Diane Slidders 2 West Mains Avenue Perth PH1 1QZ
I am looking for accommodation - either self-catering or B&B in or around Romsey (20 mile radius), but do not seem to be able to find details on this site.

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