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The e-mails below have been received from people making enquiries about various connections in Romsey. Letters have come from anywhere in the world. It's always good to know how far afield Romseynet is being read. I will endeavour to reply to all enquiries and your message and the reply will be added to this page unless you request otherwise.

I normally include sender email addresses for others to contact you if they wish. Please let me know if you do not want your address included here.

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16 November 2005 - Email:

I have just completed a small booklet [54 pages] entitled, 'Totton's Orchids Past and Present', and there is a reference in it about one of the former owners/occupiers of Little Brook.
This was a man named Guy P. Harben. His Orchid Grower was a man named Cyril Rathbone. Awards were won at the Romsey Show on a few occasions for not only orchids but other garden exhibits. This was in the 'thirties'.
Later, possibly in the late thirties/early forties, Mr Harben moved to Colbury House, Hillstreet, Totton.

If you have any information about Mr. Harben when he was living in Lower Brook then I would be delighted to hear from you. Kind regards Roger J. Grier

Have you asked the folks at the local history society about your query? They are very knowledgeable about local people and places. See LTVAS website for contact address and general information.

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10 October 2005 - Email:

Having recently moved back into the area, I would be grateful if you could let me know where I could find out about footpaths and bridleways in and around Romsey.
Thanking you in anticipation of some news, Steve Drayson

I suggest you contact the tourist information office. I am sure they must have maps of all sorts for walkers. You can contact direct by email from Romseynet or by telephone - details at:

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05 May 2005 - Email:

Carer's Support
Can you tell me where the Carers Support scheme for the Rushmoor area is located? I have searched the Hampshire Carers website and can't find anything nearer than Basingstoke? There seems to be a lot going on in the centre and the south of the county - Is there anything in the North East of Hampshire?
Thank you for your help. Janice Clark - Carer.

There is a Carers Support Worker for Rushmoor who can be contacted at Aldershot / Farnborough Social Services, The Old Town Hall, Grosvenor Road, Aldershot GU11 3DP
Tel: 01252 314221 Direct Line: 01252 769290
They should be able to give you all the information you need about Carers Support in the Rushmoor area.

You can have a chat, get information or offload by ringing the free Carers Active Listening Line 08000 3 23456 (run by Carers Together) and also view Carers Together website

  13 April 2005 - Email:

Hi, Is it 'Rumsey' or 'Romsey' or either??? Thanks in anticipation. Regards, John Edwards

It is pronounced 'Rumsey' but spelt, 'Romsey'.

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United Kingdom
12 April 2005 - Email:

History of Nursling
I would like to know the history of the area in which I once lived. Danebury Way in Nursling is the area in which I would like to know more information about, especially Jerrett's Lane. What used to be there hundred's of years ago and history of the road would be appreciated.
Many Thanks, Vanessa & Tanja

Reply: Some years ago LTVAS Group published a history of Nursling up to the end of the middle ages under the title 'The Five Hides of Nursling'. It can be bought direct from LTVAS website or through the Romsey Tourist Information Centre (See the Tourist Office link) Alternatively it can be borrowed from the library. (See the library link)

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15 February 2005 - Email:

My name is Gala, I am French but currently working in China... about five years ago I worked in a place near Romsey, and I met a gentleman who worked himself in Romsey as a great hairdresser.
As it was Valentine's Day yesterday I would like to tell you my simple love story with Romsey... I lost the gentleman unfortunatly as we met only once in five years, but the short time we were together made me reconnize my attachment to the prettiest place I have ever been ... Romsey, and the way this little town makes you enjoy life simply and greatly.
I wonder if you could help me to know how to get a job there. I am young and plenty of energy, I speak French and Chinese, I got a master degree in international trade and diverse working experience, and overall really willing to work at Romsey in the perspective to contribute improving the nice living environment of the city.
Many many thanks and please accept my excuses for my poor english, and I do agree that everyone see my e-mail adress as I wish one day the gentleman will visit your website.
Sincerely Yours, Galadriel Mattard

Your message has been posted on the postbox page for 2005. Thank you for contacting Romseynet

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United Kingdom
17 January 2005 - Email:

Mr Ash's Academy, Romsey
I am trying to find out about the above establishment which was in Romsey in 1859. My great-grandfather was staying there in November of that year but as he was at various times either a boat-builder or musician, I am not sure of the connection. Any details would be most welcome.
David Wooldridge

Reply: LTVAS, the local history society
"Boat building did not get going in Romsey until after Rev. Berthon had become vicar (1860). He experimented with folding boats and then went into commercial production about 1870".

"John William Ash ran a College for Young gentlemen in Winchester Street (now part of The Hundred) in 1859. Eight years later he called in Romsey College and for £24 per annum (with reductions for juniors) he provided full board and 'Latin, French and the usual English Education'. His school was in the building now known as Wykeham House opposite the Methodist Church. It has a very fine 17th century facade and had been the headquarters of Palmer's Brewery around 1800.
I am not aware that any details of the school have survived: they are likely to be in the Hampshire Record Office if they have. Mr Ash was ruined by an outbreak of typhoid fever, but I do not have a date for that calamity."

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