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Romsey Forum meets at Romsey Town Hall four times a year. There are a number of organisations on the circulation list who send representatives to the Forum such as the Romsey and District Society, the Romsey Chamber of Commerce, the Abbey and Broadlands. But any citizen of Romsey Town or Romsey Extra who attends the Forum is automatically a member.

The current Chairman, John Parker

Secretaries - Sandra Smith and Carolyn Nixson - Email

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Each year a parish or town council has to hold a meeting open to all its electors. The meeting allows members of the public to ask questions, discuss matters of concern and pass resolutions relevant to the local area. (Unfortunately the resolutions are not binding on anyone!)

The ROMSEY FORUM encourages its members to attend these meetings and raise any matters of local concern.

ROMSEY FORUM MEETINGS are held at Romsey Town Hall 7.30 pm

(Sorry for the delay with this information)
The June meeting was cancelled and will be held instead on 13 July 2017 at 7.30pm.

13 July Agenda
Message from the chairman, John Parker:
The reason for this is to allow time to prepare for a presentation and debate on the Local Government Boundary Commission for England's draft proposals for the rewarding of Test Valley Borough Council. These proposals were released last week on 13 June and include the complete abolition of the Test Valley ward of Romsey Extra and a change in the number of councillors in each ward. As an example of the range of the change, it is proposed that Broadlands should no longer be in a Romsey or Romsey Extra ward but in the new ward of North Baddesley and Halterworth. The proposals are open for public comment until 14 August 2017.
The changes of boundaries also have a knock on effect on the local parishes inasmuch as there will be a need to divide some parishes up into electoral subdivisions. The most extreme example is Romsey Extra Parish. It will retain the current number of councillors (7) but, instead of being elected by the entire parish, there will be 6 separate wards. Five wards will each return one councillor and one ward will return two.
Once the TVBC boundaries are resolved by the Boundary Commission then Test Valley Borough Council will launch a Community Governance Review to determine if any changes should be made to the parishes in Test Valley. One question to be considered must be the merging of Romsey Town Council with Romsey Extra Parish Council.
Hopefully, at the meeting of 13 July these matters can all be explained and the views of the Forum

Meetings for the rest of 2017:
21 September and 16 November

Hampshire County Council new concessionary bus passes will be issued prior to expiry in March 2017.
It is not necessary to enquire about a new bus pass unless your circumstances, address or appearance have changed.
If you do not receive a replacement bus pass once your current pass expires please contact the concessionary travel team via email:
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N.B. Since the last meeting in December 2016, we have been advised that the work on Bell Street has been postponed until January next year, at the request of retailers wishing to avoid disruption to summer and Christmas trade. It is therefore likely that work on the Market Place will not be started before 2019.

All TVBC current consultations can be seen here

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When Cllr. Mark Cooper set up the Romsey Forum in June 1994 he envisaged that .....
"The Forum should be an open debating chamber where the issues of the day affecting Romsey can be fully aired and where the general public and town organisations can, through the Forum Chairman, question officers of the County Council and Borough Council".

All local Councillors are members of the Forum but they are encouraged to listen rather than lead in the context of the Forum.

Romsey Town Council and Romsey Extra Parish Council fund the Forum although costs are insignificant as all communications between Forum members are by e-mail. The only rules are those laid down by the Chairman; and the Chairman and Secretary are elected by Forum members annually. Each agenda is agreed by the Chairman and Secretary after consulting the previous Forum.


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