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Patron, The Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Romsey is twinned with Paimpol in France, Battenberg in Germany and Treviglio in Italy.

Romsey Twinning is a voluntary association which exists to maintain and promote the town's relationship with its three twin towns. Exchange visit with these towns are arranged every year. Typically, these take place over a long weekend, with one year a party from Romsey visiting the twin town and the following year a group from the partner town travelling to Romsey. Dates for future exchange visits are publicised in our newsletters and on this site.

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Membership of Romsey Twinning is open to anyone who lives in Romsey and the surrounding area, on payment of an annual subscription (currently £10 for individuals, £15 for couples/families). There is a link to an application form on this page. As well as organising the exchange visits themselves, Romsey Twinning holds social and fund-raising events throughout the year, as well as offering advice and support to other local organisations wishing to develop their own links with groups on the continent.

More about the exchange visits

On all exchange trips to the continent, accommodation is offered in private houses where the visitor is a guest of the family. In return, we then offer the hospitality of our own homes. Accommodation is offered very much on the principle of 'you take us as you find us'; you definitely do not need to have a guest suite in order to take in visitors!

Remember that the people we exchange with want to offer their hospitality because they want to be friendly and learn something about us and about Britain. There is lots of goodwill on both sides from the outset! And there is the added bonus of conversation; usually a mix of English, French, German or Italian, helped along by sign language, gestures and plenty of laughter.

On most visits there is a mixture of communal and individual activities. At some point during the weekend we have a short formal welcome, followed by an informal get-together. Usually an optional walk or outing is arranged. On visits to Romsey, each host is provided with a list of all the other hosts taking part and their guests, together with the schedule for the weekend. Families can choose for themselves whether to join in the communal activities or make their own plans for entertaining their guests.

Twinning enables people to make friends and to enjoy the very best of French, German and Italian hospitality. What better way is there to gain insight into the lifestyles of our European neighbours. Do come and join us!

2019 Events Programme

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Secretary: Judy Phillips